3.8 The Rise of CP Lyra once again

Though a little nerf but there is slight buff in heavy attack…

Her captain path is weak though viable. I suspect CP Lyra might be played a lot in 5v5 and might be a ban worthy…



  • Heavy Attack Crystal Ratio
    • 80% → 120%
  • Heavy Attack Slow + Bonus Health
    • 35% + 0.02% → 0% + 0.04%
  • Damage Over Time Crystal Ratio
    • 80% → 60%
  • Detonate Damage
    • 80/140/200/260/380 + 100% CP → 75/125/175/225/325 + 75% CP
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She came to be in the S-tier of mid lane last update. I fail to see why she needed yet another buff, especially of the magnitude she received it ?

I didn’t. I welcome any little buff to Lyra.
And I will abuse it

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But honestly, Roam Lyra is so bad rn, they should have reverted the health ratio back to 13% along with adagio


And the Anka cult shall emerge to purge this world

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I did think that. Lyra might be one of the most viable CP heroes in the new update because of the changes to Energy and cooldown. Her power source are her empowered basic attacks, which do consume energy, but can still be used when Lyra has no energy, and don’t have a cooldown.

True true! She relies on her basic attacks mostly too… and her bsic attack is buffed too… she might be the strongest midlaner in 3.8

Just CP almost definetly. Overall, I’m not so sure. With that TB buff I can see Gwen being very strong… we’ll have to see.

And WP idris, don’t forget him.

If anything this is the fall of CP Lyra, she is the best mid laner in 3.7, and has a fairly high ban rate.

She will still be good I think, but no longer has the oppressive poke that made her OP.

But her AA was buff. It just no longer slows. She definately does more AA damage now rather than relying on her abilities damage. I think she will be better than before.

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Her AA will do more yes, what made her so OP in 3.7 is that she can win lane with zero skill but throwing her A from outside the range of any other mage. She will probably still be pretty good, but she will be harder to play and probably not the top mid lane hero in the game like she is now.


Zero skill?

Lol… she still have same rangr this patch but lesser damage but late game will still be strong nevertheless.

And girl cp lyra requires hell lots of skills to land your A

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Her A is one of the easiest skill shots to land, to miss it you have to really try.

Her A isn’t. Proper position of sigil to use it to it’s full advantage requires skill. Anticipating where the enemies will run off to so you place in front of them or sometimes they can avoid it knowing you will place there. Or when enemies are in low health and your range doesn’t fully reach the enemy zone. To throw to the edge and burst damage require skill too.

Same as the rest of skill shots but with a AoE radio much bigger. I don’t see how it requires skill, she is also one of the safest carries out ther. CP Lyra, with the poke A build is brain dead.

CP lyra will definitely be better than her roam path. Not only were her heals relatively weak before, they’re even WEAKER now because of the HP item nerfs. Plus, the CDR cap reduction hurts every part of her kit. Her AA slow is even weaker now. :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

But stronger heavy attack… i think semc is pushing alternating path lyra… it’s fine if they remove her slow during 2nd second channel missle… i don’ see it as weak

AC Lyra requires more skill than poke Lyra, so I’m fine too with the change.

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