3.8 succ reddit post

I would like the upvote please or at least allow my post to rise above “guys I reached SA silver here is my trophy” by commenting and calling me bad.

You don’t even need to read it. It’s me reiterating a recent response to a topic but in a more digestible and more R E D D I T FRIENDLY way.

Just as a point of interest, when Nietzsche said “God is dead,” it was in fact a very hopeful statement. Where we’d progressed in science and rationality to a point where we don’t have to rely on a religious cosmological order to explain our lives, we’re free to produce good and harmony in more meaningful ways than “X decrees it.” Most people use the phrase in a nihilistic way, in a sense of “the world is wrecked and we’re screwed” but that’s quite far from the truth - of either Nietzsche’s socio-political context, or of his intended message. :cheers_minioncandy_t2:

So… likewise (and obviously on the same level of metaphysical importance /s), this is a new meta, have fun finding it! It’s quite possible that a lot of your complaints are addressed in the game changes. I have a feeling it’ll take a patch or two or three for all of us to get our heads around what the meta might be.


Can I ask you for a favour? As you have contact with SEMC, can you pass them my feedback about insane battery drain (around 50% more, for different reasons this is something I follow on all my devices from 5vs5 release) and heat (before after hours of play ~35.5°C, this update after one game and checked in two ~38.5°C and greatly more heated body). Same gfx settings, no bump in gfx too… something is wrong, the game needs a lot more processing power.

Also the MM is super bad, check in announcement thread my screenshots. But it can be tweaked servers side, while the power usage is something different. Just give them a ping on it, my phone is note 9 exynos 9810 if they ask.


Already have! :kraken_thumbsup:


Really appreciating your efforts for us and vainglory. Not only about this one, using the situation to thank you as a whole. :beers:


Right now the MM is tuned great, in addition to my two from announcements thread - 2 vg silvers, 2 almost vg silvers and 1 weak accounts vs 5 vg bronze players. What happens when you put 4 VG silvers vs 5 vg bronze? One sided “fun” game. :slight_smile:

Playing rona in lane with out being tanked on was like a breath of fresh air to me.

Maybe this patch wont be so bad.

Except Bf is still hot garbage and still has half of a kit <3