3.8 CP LYRA Top Lane 5v5 match

I love her so much. Omg

Damn, she truly is an AA hero carry now. Also, great game but a couple things I need to comment on -

  • Please stutter step. Especially in the early game, Lyra should only use her heavy attack on enemy heroes and maybe captain minions when your first hit leaves a small amount of health. Yes, it cost no energy once you have none, but there is no reason to use it all in this new energy-starved meta.
  • @20:14 :joy: Snatched lmfao
  • Pop your B closer to the center of team fights. In that match, you could’ve shut down that Ozo due to his ults being poorly timed
  • I’m glad CP Lyra is meta - all of you better watch out :sunglasses:
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I usually stutterstep… but it takes longer time to clear minion using one missles tho… i usually never engage in battle until i get alternating or I with my team.

Sometimes i prefer clearing waves fast tho then recharge and move to mid lane to assist and go back.

But yeah.

Tag @Guest_78 and @RiseChu

Muah muah <3

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I dont understand what was the enemy doing honestly. Congrats for the win though.

All that missed cs in the early game hurt me internally lol


I can empathize though, last hitting with Lyra is ridiculously hard for me for some reason…

Will practice more on last hitting.
I usually play Lyra as captain. It been a long.time since I played her as cp… so was kinda enjoying the game

Like others have said, stutter. Think of it as free damage you are missing out on!

Ew a hat user.

Nice play though.

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