3.8 changes - Ask me anything


I only saw him once, his team won the game but its risky to judge from a single match.


No, her A doesn’t get blocked. It’s a blink not a dash.

You are fighting an assassin who isn’t affected by your B against a squishy usually glass cannon mage? Good luck if the anka is good.

In 3v3 you may be able to prevent your carry from being silence, but rip jungler and roam, which will still have the same result.


Why is it withdrawn?

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Now we will have the triple tank meta in 3v3, great!


Her b doesn’t counter anka, true but slows her giving lyra more attacks channel her AA on anka. And lyra AA output is higher than anka and I countered Anka plenty of time in 5v5 against tier 10.

She is easily killed if you smartly use your A where lands behind you depleting half of her health… usually in this case anka tries to fight back or flee…

Anka is always and will be easilly killed by Lyra if you know how to her AA + A and her ult…

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She can bait your A, usually, A+B is enough to kill Lyra, if not she still has her c to dodge damage (A). Her AA will no longer slow (don’t forget that). I quite doubt that giving that she is always banned, so 1-2 games proves nothing. And the vast majority of t10 players as boosted, some of them even fail to last hit properly.


Not one or 2 games.
And no one throws sigil without anka appearing behind…

Lol… even with this new patch… no slow, she is still able to channel many missles in her range.

And also anka A+B isn’t enough to kill Lyra unless she doesn’t have slumbering husk lol.


SH is not the first item you buy, it usually… your forth one? I’m not sure, so until then she can easily kill you and get ahead. If you wait then she can easly dodge the damage with her C.


Yeah obviously, Lyra is late game mage and in the end she counters her.

That pretty much says it


She counters her… who counters who? They are both girls XD
Anka is a late game scaling assassin, so Anka>Lyra at every stage of the game.


Anka requires close gap kill.
And no Anka does not counter lyra at late stage of the game.


Anka needs to close the gap? It’s not like she doesn’t have a 12 range blink or anything like that, no? Anka, late game >>>>> Lyra. Anka is right now the hardest scaling hero in the game. And she is an assassin, against a squishy target. She also buys defense, so you won’t kill her as easly. Please, next time you manage to kill anka using Lyra, record it and show it to me.


Sure sweetie. I will.
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Do you think they’ll increase HP scaling for Ardan, Lyra, and etc. to compensate for the nerfs they dumped on every roamer? :’(

I’m seriously so unmotivated to play 3.8. Welp.


Ardan was pretty OP, so I don’t think it requieres a better scaling, his barrier will be the same as befor the new objects were introduced (he was top roam). About Lyra (and Adagio), I don’t think they care much about healers this patch, maybe the next we can see some kind of buff to them


I don’t think they will either.

I assume what you meant “…nerfs… dumped on every roamer.” are the nerfs to the defense support items?

Here’s my reasoning:

  • Gold income is supposedly higher and easier, thus, the Captain should get their Tier 3 items within sufficient time.
  • The health decreased from defense items are dumped into Fountain of Renewal.

For example:

Ardan’s sample build: Fountain of Renewal, Crucible + Capacitor Plate + Warthreads.

Total health in 3.7: 250 + 700 + 450 + 500 = 1,900

Total health in 3.8: 400 + 700 + 400 + 400 = 1,900

The only items I can see being much weaker is Pulseweave.

You could argue Atlas Pauldron is weaker, but it’s technically compensated by the base stats buff to heroes armour.

Rook’s Decree got 100 health nerf too, yes, but it gives armour and shield now, so that works out fine for it. I don’t see it being used as often though, as the fifth and sixth slots tend to be occupied by something else.

Usually Pulseweave and/or Atlas Pauldron and/or Aftershock.

What I would be concerned about for heroes that have health ratio abilities is the energy and cool down related stats. Particularly for Lyra and Lorelai.

Adagio as well, but his perk tends to make up for any energy deficiencies when used well. He already has to conserve his abilities, so he should transition ok, if not just a slight bump into 3.8.


Atlas: cooldown increased from 20 sec to 45… I think this is a nerf


It is a nerf, but in general, I don’t see it landing against well prepared teams.

They either just run away/kite away or Reflex Block it.

Considering that Reflex Block items are nerfed, you could say it has less chance of being countered or can force out Reflex Blocks, expending a valuable tool from the enemies’ arsenal.


If someone bothers buying that shit item.