3.8 changes - Ask me anything

So 3.8 is a huge set of shifts to the game which in my opinion from playtesting solve some of the core issues 5v5 has had (specifically laning now matters and there is a distinct laning phase).

But its a lot of big and scary changes so I figured I would give you guys the chance to ask someone who has actually played it some questions…


Has game stability drastically improved?
It became unplayable since 3.6 for me and I quit because they don’t take those issues seriously…

How are defense stats and items + damage items changes affecting the game? Are heroes more tanky? Are they squishier? How is jungle changed? Mainly asking about picks. What about CDs? Are they much different on certain heroes than before?

Basically its impossible to tell this in PBE because it runs on a different server with a much smaller subsection of players.

They definitely squashed some bugs though.

Huge changes in regards to EHP.

Broadly WP is supposed to be smaller more consistent damage and CP more large bursty chunks - but with energy management making it hard to constantly dish out.

Its by no means perfectly it but its a noticeable shift and very far away from the tank meta that live is at the moment.

Jungle - well the jungler now usually gets most of the jungle - however they also get relatively little gold unless they come via lanes and suck up ambient but they do get lots of XP - so more level dependent CP heroes seem to me to be likely to flourish in the jungle.


Alright thanks but I think you misunderstood 1 question. I meant not the tank meta but in general are heroes easier or harder to kill? Because base defense stats and def stats on items and CP WP items got huge changes. I’m happy for the jungle though. In my opinion this is what jungler is supposed to have and do. Jungler should be ahead in levels not gold. Anyway thanks for the answers again.

Has anyone tested 3v3 with these changes?

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Ooh I did misunderstand - in general I felt people were easier to kill than they are currently.

I agree with you about the jungle but I am worried that the gold is too tight - I had a couple of games where as roam I had significantly more gold than the jungler - hence why I suggest they try and suck up some lane ambient.


Of course as always. Only some of them impact on 3v3 of course and the primary focus was 5v5 however.

3.8 in all modes will be a “a bit rough” its definitely not perfect, but it is a number of steps in the right direction and they will be watching stats to see if anything needs immediate tweaking. This is the first (and largest) step to quite a number of things people have been asking for for a long time, even for 3v3.

How Broken is Inara in 3v3?
The buff to reim means that now 100% of the damage dealt gets converted to FH? How does stopping CC feels now the reflex block was nerfed so hard? How does TB feel after the buff? Doesnt It seems too strong in heroes like Gwen? SC now deals a lot of damage to heroes, doesnt It benefits the tanks we are trying to nerf? Why the nerf to AS? All this for 3v3 please.

I haven’t felt Inara was broken in either mode - I think she is going to be fairly well balanced on release.

Reim I haven’t seen played so am not sure about range I think still can outkite him but it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Stopping CC feels great - on the rare time you achieve it. The point of the block nerfs was to create greater windows in which to engage, and to make positioning more important and impactful. A number of (particularly roam based) CC’s also got nerfed in terms of duration or their own cooldown and the lower CDR cap also reduces the availability of abilities.

TB I think is almost mandatory on WP heroes (its not quite absolutely must have, but it is definitely strong). This is more for the pierce than anything else given the respective increase in hero armour levels as compared to shield levels - which broadly holds back WP heroes from feeling too strong even with the new TB. I’m personally more concerned with the strength of CP heroes.

I didn’t notice SC being that impactful because its damage is now spaced over 4 seconds as opposed to being per second.

AS got a nerf and a buff - the overall damage from one hit is down which was needed because of the respective increases in hero armour levels - it was doing too much. The buff is that its cooldown changed from 1.5 seconds to 1 second which makes it more straightforward to use.

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Wow, what a statement. After all those CP item nerfs, energy regen nerfs and CD cap reduced, are CP heroes still that impactful ? i think this has been a huge concern to players reading the patch notes.

which is better in the pbe, cp or roam lyra?

Are aggressive supports as good as I am thinking they will be such as Fort, Grace, and Flicc? Do you think Taka might actually become viable again with the overall defense nerfs too since he got buffed (And late game WP Taka is bursty as hecc)? How good is TB in 3.8? Does it make Take and Gwen more go-to heroes again?

I have seen 4 CP and 1 roam teams win in PBE (admittedly there have been tweaks since then).

Firstly its worth noting the changes to Aegis and other items - I believe Fountain has the highest shield now at a mere 60.

Then check out the significant buffs to heroes armour but not shield:

  • Armor
  • 20-50 → 25-75
  • 20-60 → 30-85
  • 20-70 → 35-100
  • Shield
  • 20-50 → 20-55
  • 20-60 → 20-60
  • 20-70 → 25-75
    The raw damage output of CP heroes abilities is high compared to WP I think at the mo.
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I think you misunderstood, I was talking about his FH gaining.

So cc chains op.

In what sense? I guess that now there is no reflex block to block the increasing cc new heroes have.

I suspect CP Lyra - if only because Roam Lyra falls off in terms of healing in late game. Great harrass in early game though.

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Aggressive supports can be good - as always it depends on whether your team capitalises on their aggression. But given nerfs to many defensive items and hero abilities their relative value has naturally risen.

Taka is viable I think. But I have only seen him played once in PBE so its hard to judge.

TB is strong but its role has shifted - its not really just a burst item now.

I got that, but haven’t seen him so its hard to make any judgments.

CC chains are strong but a number of CC abilities got a bit of a tune down. Plus the absence of blocks tends to cut both ways.

See above regarding CP heroes.

Oh, an AMA! I guess I’ll have a crack at this.

So, here are my general questions for you:

  • What are the stats for Inara’s Talents? The purpose of this question is for the Talent Stats Compilation doc I’ve been doing and maintaining.

  • Which of the new skins are your favorites and which skins do you think the community will like? Also, is ‘Rainbow’ Glaive super dope in-game?

Now the serious questions:

  • Now that all Treants can heal, which Treants tend to go to which roles? Or do they largely get taken by the same roles as now?

  • Given that the Crystal and Weapon Orbs are slightly weak in the early game and slightly less stronger late game, how often do players contest them?

  • Lane minions are going to have more health rather than armor/shield, is that right? How long does it take to kill them on average in 3.8 at different stages of the game?

  • Which heroes have been most impactful in 3.8 PBE?
    ~ In relation to this, which heroes are likely to become relevant, likely to fade away and likely to stay the same.

  • How are Captains building in 3.8 PBE? Are there are significant trends? Also, are there any difference in those builds between 3v3 and 5v5?

Thank you for your time!