3.7 balance changes... Saw nerfed?

Sigh… Saw is literally one of the worst heroes for 5v5. He’s not meant to be solo engaged when spun up. His WP path is borderline useless since 5v5 doesn’t have a laning phase but thankfully there’s hope for him since they are trying to bring back the earlygame laning face so he can shine a bit. This is most likely why he got a nerf and it’s definetly not because of the sorry state he’s in for both his WP and CP paths.

lol ok. I won’t argue that premise.

Plus enraged blackclaw lets him split push more easily but i heard zekent say the attack speed doesnt effect his normal attack fully spun up attackspeed at because its just put in linr with the attack speed changes.

SAW’s nerf is barely anything. He could easily buy an attack speed item and it wouldn’t make much of a difference. In all honesty though, SAW’s attack speed really didn’t need to be nerfed anyways, his slow makes him extremely prone to being killed easily.

Actually no bonus attack speed benefits much anyways when his perk is already at the attack speed cap.

Let me be honest with y’all. This is barely gonna change SAW


Probably yeah but that’s the not the issue why would they nerf a hero that is basically considered a troll pick

I think the reason is that he’s considered strong in lower tiers. It’s simply a nod to the many complaints from those players who don’t understand how to counter him.

Yeah i know it was rhetorical question. Hero balancing should never be done around low tiers since most players are clueless there. Like Saw will still stump noobs despite the changes but he will be even less viable to pick in mid to high tiers than he already was. Again semc screwing over veteran players just to make the game more appealing for casuals their mentality is basically “screw any saw mains we don’t want some new player rage quit and uninstall the game cause he got bullied by a Saw”.