3.7 balance changes... Saw nerfed?

So was watching Maxman’s stream yesterday and he leaked the 3.7 PBE balance changes and yes i am fully aware than things are still subject to change once the full update is out but there is one thing that i need to touch on. Yep the title wasn’t clickbait Saw is getting a nerf in update 3.7 and no small one, his attack speed gained per stack has been reduced from 15% to 8% so his dps has been cut in a half almost. We all know Saw, the troll pick, the hero that is usually picked to make someone dodge draft has received an almighty nerf and you’re probably scratching your head in confusion wondering why. Simple, Saw is considered god tier in low ranks, when i was ranking on a new account, in tier 4,5 and 6 people would beg in draft chat to either ban him or pick him. On the other hand Kenetic the god carry, the most prioritized pick in high ranks was untouched for 2 patchs. She is getting nerfed next patch her auto attack range is getting reduced from 6.4 to 6.1 but its a slight tune down that will not stop Kenetic from being a complete powerhouse. So a trash tier noob stumping hero nerfed to the ground while it took them 3 patchs to slightly tune down Kenetic how convenient huh ? Further evidence of semc’s hypocrisy, they don’t want new players to rage quit and uninstall the game cause he got bullied by a Saw because they’re potential customers, people who they can manipulate to make revenue. Every patch is a middle finger to veteran players filled with features to make noobs happy how can someone take this company seriously anymore ? What is the point of playing vainglory instead of ML or Aov ?


i believe it’s 18% down to 15% per stack. i also watched the same pbe stream regarding patch 3.7

there’s a subject in the broken pipe going on about it.

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Saw in 3.6. _18%+atk speed per stack 12×18=216% atk speed
Saw 3.7 full stack =180% atk speed
36% atk speed nerf it’s like TT
Rip saw

Yeah I probably miss heard it but its no small nerf nonethless to a very shitty hero @Ve3nNo0wM

i don’t have access to that topic mate

well if you feel like joining the group. i’ll leave a link


it allows you to view the broken pipe sub forum.


Well partner, I have a solution to that and it’s called “Creating a canonical event that kills SAW for good and delete him.”


I guess they balance it for the lower tiers as it’s only a casual, troll and “I am l3on and will show you how weak you all are” pick. If they want him to be viable for the higher tiers, he would need a rework. So no harm about that. The other changes looks decent try to fix some problems, mainly the “everyone is a jungler” and the easy turret dive.

Ik they nerf it because low tiers
But even this nerf they will keep saying( saw op)
I suggest make new passive because it’s killing saw slowly

the stream mentioned ambient gold is down from 85% to 60% from jungle creeps … Maxman commenting it’ll be a huge difference, but i still think it’ll be quite impactful.

He tried to demonstrate the turret giving more damage, but I honestly couldn’t notice any difference, other than a visual effect at the turret itself.

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I saw (hehe) the changes and the stream. There are two good changes in the turret - they will attack the attacking person, that way peeling as a captain for the two diving with you carries to finish someone will be a lot harder except abilities. The turret won’t shoot at you as first diver, they will shoot who attacks. On top of that there is 50% armour pierce = decent dmg in the late game as now the turrets are ignored late game and you see dives between two shooting turrets and fight long time like they are not there. The third change is for that long fighting with scaling higher dmg. We will see.

As for the jungle meta, I hope it’s at least somewhat decreased as right now the game is not that fun to play. Was fun at release as everyone played it like 3vs3 (jungler in the jungle, captain rotating and 3 carries staying in the lanes most of the time). Then the toxic meta was found for advantage and now it’s absurd - utility, CC, more CC, more utility, one mage and one hyper carry with all resources in it (the bot)… and everyone are in the jungle for 90% of the time + with the easy rotations now with those timers and sync it’s SUPER easy if you have the advantage to secure the two jungles basically and keep rolling from there towards easy victory… snowball like a profe… noob as SEMC made it so f easy.

60% ambient gold means sharing blue jungle grants you 159 gold which is the equivalent of 2 and half waves of lane minions. They have to increase the gold bounty for lane minions and revert to the old jungle spawn timers otherwise the meta is not gonna change

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Yes, they need to rework him. They can still keep the general idea of saw, but change few things to make him balanced and viable in all tiers.

Of course its doing harm they’re nerfing a hero that was already terrible making him even worse. Balance changes should never be based around low tiers players have no clue how to play the game so saw will probably still crush noobs there while he will never see play in higher tiers. Like at this point what are the balance changes based on ? they said they buffed kensei because of a low win rate but Saw has the 6th lowest win rate in the game with 47% ? Its kinda obvious that there is no reasoning behind their balancing anymore semc just does what is more convenient for them from a marketing stand point

yeh, it feels like cheating to know the timers from just walking past. Somehow i doubt they will. it seems like everything is about making it easier for newbies.

as for ambient gold, we’ll have to see if lowering it helped much. this is a very hard one to balance. I suspect another nerf next patch to 35%

Saw needs a rework, buffing stats enough in 5vs5 will make him OP as he will need A LOT of stats buff to make him viable to the toxic point. There are ways to change him while still keeping his general idea of a hero, but they just don’t want to put the effort into it. After all when saw was released the CC was not what it is today, right? :slight_smile: he was designed for 3vs3, for a lot less/non existent CC.

Quite a lot of heroes suffered from kits designed for 3vs3 and while some where brute fixed with buffs after buffs, this can’t happen to all of the broken kits without redesign. For the buffs part, just check how much was lance buffed from the 5vs5 rollout till now. He is insanely better on paper, but still a niche pick for jungle/top and not really viable for captain (a lot of better picks, tho a good lance ofc can play decently and not handicap his team too much).

I feel the same, they need to buff the lane gold (but not the ambient! Only the direct last hit gold) and revert the timers to not be sync + remove the stupid timer that makes it easy. That way the meta will go to the right direction when the 5vs5 mode was released and it was more fun to play.

Uh lads and lasses, I’ve posted SAW reworks like throughout my lifespan here. Haven’t anybody read and understood them?

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Whoa what, I completely missed that. I only looked at hero balance.

The turret attacks the attacker… that’s interesting and I’m genuinely curious how many times I’ll die thinking my roam will eat the turret damage.

Sigh…SAW doesn’t need a rework and he needed a nerf. His WP path is annoying as always and is meant to be used with a team. His CP path is as monstrous as ever. At least with this nerf people have a chance to survive being in his range.

@LamDumbasspro Dude I hate to say this but there’s a difference between posting reworks because they’re necessary and improve on something and posting reworks just to change something so that your stamp is on them. If you were making improvememts that were necessary and relevant to the core game I’m sure people would appreciate them more, but you have a habit of changing things just to change them, and they usually aren’t balanced changes at that. I think many people have gotten used to this and have begun ignoring them because of it, unfortunately. I’m saying this to try to give you some constructive criticism so hopefully if you do post more reworks and ideas, they are better received. Not everything has to be changed just to be changed, and if you work on the balance in your ideas, maybe someone at SEMC will take them to heart more, because they do listen and read what we post, but stuff has to be…relevant.