3.5 tier list?

I have played a few games and noticed a few heroes coming back a day wanted to see your takes on a tier list. Mine is going to mainly be who I think are the high tiers since I only played a few games so far.

Top: Baron seems stupid strong rn and he has a pretty high winrate in my games. Reza is banned a lot, so I am pretty sure he is still top tier in top as well. Gotta see more heroes in top to see who is top tier there tho.

Mid: Celeste, Baron CP, and Sam seem to be the best rn. Celeste is…Celeste and Baron just got stupid good with insane damage as CP while being able to farm safely. Sam is also just an overall strong hero with a kit that will always keep him viable.

Bot: Baron WP just deals hella damage in the late game and the splash damage he deals is very good now. He is strong in pretty much every lane because he has a strong escape ability which helps him farm to the late game. Kinetic is banned a lot, so I am pretty sure she is still strong in bot. Kensei is also still seen, so he must still be high tier.

Jungle: ANKA IS BEST GRILL. #1 ASSASSIN #1 JUNGLE #1 WAIFU! ANKA KILL EVERYONE NEAR HER!!! NO ONE BEAT ANKA!!! Glaive also still seems very strong as well as Krul, so I think those are the better junglers with Fort also still being very good in jungle

Cap: Phinn still seems strong, Cath is seen a lot as utility lane, so I guess she is high/top tier rn, Flicker is seen WAY more, so I would put him in high/high-mid tier cause the stealth ult CD is minimal now, CW is always good with good teams, Ardan is Ardan, and Fort is Fort

These are just my thoughts on some of the heroes rn as I do not have an opinion on every hero yet…except Tako…Tako is low low tier again…Anka is just a better Tako…

Celeste needs another nerf I’m so tired of her in every game.

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For all the roles I play:


Reza: He can pretty much kill any ranged bot laner in a 1v1. Joule, BF, and Glaive give him trouble though. Melee heroes give him problems in general if he isn’t fed or hasn’t gotten any kills.

Taka: He does a lot of damage with his AA and thanks to that WP ratio on his Ult he has that extra burst and a reliable engage. His Kaku is still good for sneaking up and running away but the heal is practically gone until it has 4 levels invested but at that point it really doesn’t matter. He’s always really mobile when his perk is used correctly.

Phinn: This boi stands in lane and clears minions and waits patiently for late game to come where he is gonna soak up all that damage and make some plays. He can hold tower forever with one crystal bit lol.

Flicker: Has one of the best stealing abilities in the game in the form of his A. Although he isn’t really that tanky at the beginning with no items he can make really good level 1 plays with his B. His waveclear is good too. Works out well when you have an aggressive playstyle too as you can frontline anything late game. Your damage is ridiculous too although enemy team buying raw health is a big problem for you. Then again AS exists…


Blackfeather, Taka, Ringo, Vox, Skye, Kinetic, yeah.

Yeah I don’t really have much to comment on the other roles because they are pretty generic and make sense. I hate people who play only utility top because sure it works but a smart bot laner will know that its just free farm for them.

What about churnwalker…if you chain all your enemies and you got a celeste on your team or just AOE heroes in general its like an insta ace

Top: Cath Ardan Flicker Ozo
Mid is Celeste only (the best option)
Bot: Baron Kinetic Ringo Vox Kensei…
Jungle Tony Fortress Glaive
Captain: All are good except Lance Flicker Fortress Grace

Top: Ardan, Cath, Adagio, Lorelai, Reza
Mid: Celeste, Samuel, Skaarf, Varya, Malene, Anka
Bot: Vox, Kenetic, Ringo, Baron, Kensei
Jungle: Tony, Glaive, Reza, Glaive
Support: Ardan, Lorelai, Lyra, Adagio, Churnwalker

Malene is better as a jungler rn.

Yeah she’s a good jungler but only a few people play jungle properly so i don’t usually recommend playing sam or malene in the jungle cause it takes a very good understanding of rotations and how to maximize gold. Its much safer to play her mid lane since its easier to get fed they’re mages at the end of the day they need gold while tanks can work with limited gold so you shouldn’t play them in the jungle unless you’re a vg silver jungle main in my opinion