3.4 Taka rework

Hi i heard Taka was gonna get some heavy changes to his kit so heres a full reworked kit i made up.

Heroic perk

Mortal Strikes: Taka’s basic attacks grant him +2 move speed for 2 secs and deal additional wp damage (+35% of bonus wp). Mortal strikes also apply a bleed that deals 30-63 (+50% cp) of crystal damage over 2 secs.

So not much changes here, i basically split up the bonus damage (30-63 + 35% bonus wp) into wp and cp, and i also added a cp bleed effect to help with cp Taka’s clear speed so he could focus on more offensive items instead of stormcrown. Oh and i also transferred the cooldown reduction part of his kit right into his skills before tweaking its cooldowns because it didnt really make sense when you have 5 ki stacks at all times anyways.


Taka flips over his target, dealing a basic attack. Taka dodges all incoming damage and negative effects and reflects back damage based on the amount of damage dodged.

Cooldown: 12
Energy cost: 55/55/55/55/0
Damage reflected: 50%/55%/60%/65%/70% + 15%cp 5%wp

Kaiten should be used defensively instead of simply like another damage skill. Its the reason why i think wp Taka is more fun to play than cp Taka. With cp Taka, your typical C>A>B combo doesnt give you room to use your A as a dodge. If you try to save your A, you lose out on your burst danage. With wp Taka however you basically only use your A when you want to dodge a CC or a large burst of damage. With this change, you will be rewarded more with a well timed A while using your A ineffectively will only give you the damage of a basic attack.


Taka throws a smoke bomb in a direction that lasts for 4.5 secs and enters stealth. His next basic attack when in stealth will be amplified. Cooldown starts after the smoke bomb duration ends. Overdriving this ability will increase the size of the smoke bomb.
Smoke bomb blocks vision from targets outside it (basically like a portable bush), and targets inside the smoke will be blinded (vision coming from themselves will be removed, like Grumpjaw’s ult). Targets will be slowed when attacked in the smoke.
Taka becomes invisible and gains movement speed while in stealth. Attacking or getting attacked will cancel stealth. If taka goes into the smoke while in stealth, stealth duration will be refreshed (duration will not count down if Taka remains in smoke). When Taka enters the smoke in stealth, he will not be affected by negative effects and attacks will not cancel his stealth (attacking will still cancel stealth).

Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/10
Energy cost: 50/65/80/95/110
Range: 8
Stealth duration: 3/3.2/3.4/3.6/4 + 1%cp
Speed boost: 1.25 + 0.2%wp
Damage amp: 25%/30%/35%/40%/50%
Slow: 35% + 5%cp 15%wp

The thing i disliked about kaku is that you dont get to use it offensively much. At most you can only use it to reposition yourself better or use it to engage. Right now its centered around escaping and healing, which also feels cheap and unfair to play against. If you are unable to lockdown Taka, he can basically use his combo, escape and heal up back to max health, combo again, repeat. I have removed the healing aspect of kaku and added a new mechanic so that kaku can be used both offensively (throwing the smoke bomb on your enemies) or defensively (throwing the smoke bomb on yourself for invunerability.


Taka slices through his target, dealing a basic attack and inflicting a scaling mortal wound. Heal negated from the mortal wound will also heal taka. Mortal strikes will refresh the duration of mortal wounds and the bleed from mortal strikes will also be empowered.

Cooldown: 17/17/15
Energy cost: 80/100/120
Mortal wound heal reduction: 33% + 5%cp (cap at 50%)
Duration: 2.5/3/3.5 + 0.5%cp
Bleed amp: 30%/40%/50%

I dont know if SEMC has the technology to implement scaling mortal wounds yet, or even heal-steal. This is cp Taka’s main source of damage and sustain. I removed all the direct damage from skills, so no more bursting down targets with a button mash C>A>B combo. I basically gave Taka a lot more utility to work with, at the cost of direct damage. Both wp and cp Taka will have a similar playstyle, relying on auto attacks for damage and using their skills for utility. Taka will be a counterpick towards healers and burst-oriented carries, while rightfully being countered by bruisers who are able to stand their ground.

Used to end off these threads in the old days with this so…



Woah SEMC is reworking Tako? I wonder what they’ll do with him

This sounds better than anything they’ll probably scrape together.


I think the spin-dodge thing should not deflect damage because taka would not only be inmune to basically any skill but would be able to give back part of the damage at ANY time. Also I like the rework of kaku, that’s the main reason I hate being against or playing cp taka: Burst, dodge, run like a b1tch, repeat until the target retires or dies. Being more stealthy in exchange of no heal would be amazing since taka, specifically cp taka would have to think twice before bursting a hero and running away :^)

Yours is good but I have some more ideas/alternatives that you may consider to mix and match:

Perk: House of Kamuha:

-After 5s, Taka’s basic attack is a Mortal Strike that deals 15% more crit damage.
-After using certain abilities and landing Mortal Strikes, Taka will gain stacks of Ki. Each Ki stack increases his base WP by 14, gives him 7% crit chance and +2 m/s movement speed for 1.5s and reducing the cooldown of future Mortal Strikes by 0.75s. Max 5 stacks.
-Ki stacks last for 3.5s and will be lost all at once. Mortal Strikes will reset the timer.

A: Kaiten:

-Taka summersaults toward a chosen location. While summersaulting he will receive 50% less damage, become immune to negative effects and slash the ground, dealing damage to anything caught in it.
-Taka will slash 2 lines, each 3m long and 2m apart from each other. Damage is dealt for each line.
+Type: Location.
+Cooldown: 20s.
+Energy cost: (the same)
+Range: 8m.
+Damage: 50/75/100/125/175 +100% CP.

B: Kaku:

-Taka throws a smoke bomb at his current location, becoming invisible for a period of time. While invisible he will get extra movement and cooldown speed. His next basic attack will deal extra damage.
-Taka can’t use this ability after taking damage for 1.5s -0.5% WP.
-This ability grants Taka 1 stack of Ki.
-This ability will be reset after using X-Retsu.
+Type: Self Buff.
+Cooldown: 12s.
+Energy cost: (the same)
+Duration: 3s.
+Movement speed boost: 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%.
+Cooldown speed boost: 15%/30%/45%/60%/75%.
+Basic attack damage increase: 10%/15%/20%/25%/35%.

Ult: X-Retsu:

-Taka boosts himself toward a location, slashing an X at that location, dealing damage, applying a Mortal Wound for 2s and causing anything caught within to bleed for extra damage over time for 2.5s.
-Taka will slash 2 lines of the X with the chosen location is the center of it. Each line of the X is 8m long. Deals damage for each line.
-This ability grants Taka 1 stack of Ki for each rank.
-Deals damage over time in ticks every 0.5s.
+Type: Location.
+Cooldown: 25s.
+Energy cost: (the same)
+Range: 10m.
+Damage: 250/425/600 +150% CP.
+Damage per second over time: 50/100/150 +50% CP.

Explaination/my comment on the changes

So for these changes, I want to make Taka more mobile, flexible but more predictable. His 2 main skills are all Location-type now which means that he can travel long distances but also can be interupted quite easily. This also benefits the borderline non-existent WP path that he used to have because he will have gapclosers. Talking of that, I do bring back the WP path with Taka by giving him crit chance for his perk, making him much more powerful (Btw calculate the max crit chance, damage and bonus base WP damage it’s 35%, 15% and 70 perspectively, same as a Tyrant’s Monocle since the thing on his eye is yes, a Tyrant’s Monocle.)


An appropriate response with a somewhat balanced suggestion in another thread.

I applaud your effort.

This only took 10 minutes to think but 30 minutes to type and edit this.
Ps You guys never come up with ideas like me but you talk like my boss.

But Taka’s kit is perfect. He has the tools needed to be an assassin and does it relatively well. Just enough mobility to chase and escape, enough damage, and a mortal wound with invisibility. Everything seems fine to me.


People think it’s unfair and op to heal yourself

I’m fine if they remove the heal as long as they remove the attack speed animation delay from his passive. Then WP Take will be the dominate true form. The Taka he was always supposed to be


wait, WHERE DID U Hear that??? im not a taka main but im interested in semc doing a rework…

Perfect to those who play as him, but extraordinary frustrating when playing against him, especially when he’s meta. A Taka with level 6 essentially means that almost any ranged character is leashed to their captain or tower, which isn’t fun to play against.
It doesn’t help that he isn’t very skill expressive, leading to more frustration. It feels like there’s no counterplay when a Taka uses C A and then runs away and you lose two thirds of your health. For all you know that could have been the greatest Taka player alive and he really did deserve to deal that much damage, but at this point people kind of just assume that Taka players are brain dead.


This is another reason why people hate Taka players.


Or you know in 5vs5 at least you use your vision

Vision in 5v5 is very limited. There’s a downtime for vision, even more if it’s cleared, which means that when you don’t have cams

Vision is more of a band-aid fix for Taka. If he was really that easy to counter, we wouldn’t see him in professional games.


d-delete takaThis text will be blurred

Use vision properly early you won’ deal with it as much as the cams disapear until a cam an enemy cam is placed. I have used this trick to create a teleport boots back door into enemy base while splitpushing

As Celeste I murder taka 1v1… Taka is UP…

are you suggesting Taka buff?30

CP Taka is a joke and wp taka is mediocre at best.

I was try harding hard with WP Taka and succeeded but my damage was rather low…