❤️ 3.4 most interesting patch ever?

Sooo I just wanted to say I’m loving 3.4; finally roams get some love. Meta changes to 5v5 shaking things up and the new items have made build paths interesting…

Nice job SEMC, for once (despite the boring new hero) the patch has delivered.


It is such an exciting patch, with Echo gone the cancer comps are more limited, and for the first time in a while I’m not so salty when my teammates leave me with support.

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Yeah I gotta agree, my desire to play Vainglory is so wholly revitalized this patch.

Salty? I have to fight to get support lol.

Captain=best role.

Just played Adagio top lane. Was doing Okay despite some nasty ganks.

CPl RD SF FB WT AC/DE seems like a sick build.

Kinetic is one of the more fun laners for me to play. Really like her (and probably gonna main her kek). Krul is insane, but his early game is pretty terrible, so you have to take advantage of that. Phinn is GREAT, but his A is hard to land now because of the move speed buffs. Everyone’s too heccing fast but Phinn is a fast boi too now in the river

Adagio so strong, his heal potential late game is scary good.

Personally I go SG over the DE for the immediate up front DMG. But 100% agree with SF, works well with his B ability.


I never experience that emotion. I am always the support lol

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Grace is looking at you whenever you choose kinetic over her…


I think his B doesn’t trigger the effect? It’s an empowered AA not ability damage. Anyway Adagio really is op now. I go SC, SS, WT, Plate, Crucible/Aegis depending on how good their mid is and how big of a threat they are to me in the current game.

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Sorry you’re 100% right, I meant his A ability.

This your top lane build?

In top lane I vary my build depending how the game going. Usually start with a storm guard banner but I may of may no complete that depending on where we are midgame.

Core Items are WT,Crucible,CPL, the heals from this hit for 450ish (I think), if I feel utility is important I’ll complete SC and throw in an SS, if we need more DMG I’ll add AC and SG and drop SC for SF.

Thing I like about Adagio is he can flex easily in the top lane meaning you can adapt to how the games being played out.

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Who said I was leaving my waifu Grace? :pouting_cat:


Yeah top lane. I go full support as I don’t think I’ll be carrying. If my mid or bot can’t carry then I don’t think I would be able to as a support top laner. It usually works though. I’ve had some really bad people yet they’re able to carry just because I literally heal 70% of their HP every like 5 seconds lol. Also when I go full support I barely ever die (I mean later on in team fights) and that makes my impact even bigger. If they can’t kill you you just keep healing. If I really need to go offense, which again I prefer not to, I usually go AS as it is cheap and has the biggest damage for a single item. De or Sg might be good as I already have Atk speed from SS but it’s too expensive. Or if I’m against clueless people without blocks I’d go CW hoping to land some verses. Though that’s not really gonna be the case most of the time as most people wouldn’t really skip a block lol.

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AS is an interesting idea… guess you’re right about the cost of DMG items such as SG (I prefer this to DE if I have the cash).

Problem I find is if I go full support build and my laners aren’t good enough to carry the games over. Obviously Adagio late game DMG isn’t great but a hybrid build can still lay down some large heals whilst providing you with that extra DMG. I’ll always strive to build those three items early because of the huge buff they provide to her A.

Like i say I think the strength of Adagio right now is that he is a flexible pick who at worst can provide sizeable heals even when going hybrid, or if your snowballing provide huge heals to your hyper carries by going full utility.

I know you’re playing at a higher level than I am, and your probably right to build utility in VG silver, but I find flexibility to work well in POA gold etc.

Ermmm grace herself did. :pensive:
30 chars

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My patience is not limitless…


If only toxicity want so high this game be extremely fun

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It’s okay. I’ve seen some build like that. I just prefer full utility most of the time. My reason is I won’t be doing much damage as I am mainly support. On top of that I am top lane so even less likely to carry. If my team can’t carry with the OP heals I just accept loss hahaha. Well not always, if they’re completely hopeless as I said before I’d build AS and hope for the best. It’s funny how some people still think I am trolling when I play support top though lol. How do they even get to poa or vg with 0 game or meta knowledge.

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What the nani?! Hi grace. Looool

Just roamed adagio, completely ignored fountain as me As were landing for 680 burst heal every 5 seconds.

That’s insane, total heal during the match ropes out at 94k don’t think I’ve ever seen figures like this before especially without a fountain.

He is easily top meta right now as a roam or in the top lane.