3.4 Joystick Control tweaks

Joystick controls have arrived just in time for Summer season!

Okay, okay, okay. Let’s take a step back. Joystick controls aren’t technically new, but bear with us. Since launching in Update 3.3 with the Early Access tag, Joystick controls have evolved tremendously. Thanks to your feedback, this brand-new, optional control scheme has been polished to a point where we’re ready to take off the training wheels and release it into the wild.

No, that doesn’t mean we’re done iterating. It’s a lot to ask, but ideally, the A team (that’s you guys!) will continue to send us thoughts about what you like, what you hate and … what you love? Together, we’ll make sure that Joystick is the best it can be.


  • The left movement stick no longer follows your finger around. It will remain at a fixed location (the point where you start dragging). You can enable the old 3.3 behavior in Settings if you preferred it.
  • Joystick no longer stutterstep/animation cancels basic attacks at inhumanly perfect efficiency. Instead, it is closer to what experienced players can typically do with tap controls.
  • You can now tap-and-hold an ability to bring up its description. This will not interrupt ability activation, and it will auto-disappear if you move the joystick.
  • You can now pre-aim Joystick abilities when your hero is busy executing other abilities. This makes combo skillshots such as Skaarf’s A+B much smoother.
  • When targeting Samuel’s A in Joystick controls, you can now also see where the pivot-point is.
  • New hero-specific targeting improvements! Krul’s B prefers highest stacks, Kensei’s B prefers closest target, Lorelai B prefers to cast right underneath her.
  • Fixed an issue with movement stutter when using Joystick under high latency

I wonder how the new stutter stepping will work. lol. that’s the point that i’m most interested in. Made me giggle at “inhumane perfect efficiency” :laughing:

Also knowing the pivot point for Samuel’s A? I guess that’s good, since he’s already quite hard to use. Placing the pivot point with joystick is hard enough, i think? never actually tried.

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Good tweaks but I still hate having the shop button in the top right, should be near the port home and scoreboard buttons