3.4 item and balance changes

Thx @Ve3nNo0wM

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Uhh, just post the link or at least put a better formatting so it’s comfortable enough to read here in the forums.
I’d go with just the link, though.


The link doesn’t work at all.they ruined their website so badly you can’t copy a link…

The address stays Vainglory 5v5…


i’m kinda interested in knowing more about the Camera’s availability in 3v3. they din’t mention any Contraption change, so traps and flares are still the same?

How about contraption in 5v5? no mention as well… or does this news mean no more contraption?

isn’t this an effort to synergize 3v3 and 5v5?

It is a unified ui mostly with a single cam.

Contraption isn’t changed at all.

Healing button added. Does this mean a free item slot in 3v3?

Also the boosted cams, etc availability in 3v3? or is it just the standard camera?

Just so many questions~!

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Yes 1 free slot. Also everyone will have 1 cam and nobody would be able to upgrade them. Mines stay the same.


Still that one cam is a lifesaver

Yeah I was telling Venom what it’s gonna be like.

Having a free vision slot and a flask slot will improve your midgame survivability by a ton.

i’m also thinking that the game length will also match 5v5 times due to not having to change play style between 5v5 and 3v3.

Nice, the inclusion of free cams and flask in 3v3 is going to be extremely helpful. Now I won’t have to worry as much about a lack of vision due to other roam players and earlygame teamfights may be a little more interesting.
Also, no Ozo changes (outside of the move speed and attack cd changes, but everyone got them), so I’m fine with these changes.