3.4 Dodging Penalty - Finally a decent 25 points Drop~!

I think we’re in agreement: Dodging matches is no good. Going through the entire draft only to have someone evade at the very last minute feels bad, man. Don’t be that guy/girl. Finish what you started.

Dodging matches comes at a price, as you will now lose 25 rank points each time you leave an in-progress draft. Your rank points are precious, so make sure they’re not needlessly lost.

We’re hopeful that this increased loss of rank points will drastically cut back on dodged matches and make your ranked experience more enjoyable.

In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the issue and increase penalties as necessary.

What you guy’s think? I welcome it. I never dodge, or quit, or surrender. or smurf. or throw.


I’m sure it’s good for the people with the issue of dodging. I haven’t reached the tier of people dodging rank yet so I can’t say much.

Doesn’t fix the dodging problem in casual, though. Incredibly annoying that once again they are ignoring the experience for the majority of players …


A welcome change. But one thats not around to stay. They always do that; tighten punishment and repercussions, because “dodging got out of hand” and people are getting unhappy at large. And after a few months they lighten them again cause “too many people experienced the system as unfair” aka “bugs” aka “dodging isn’t so bad!”.
But for now a good idea, definitely. Dealing with 1-5 dodges each ranked match is not fun.

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Yeah, I think it’s a good idea for now. I hope they get around to some anti-trolling stuff soon though, too. Like you say, dodging penalties don’t really work long-term if that’s all they do.

That said, and not to change the topic too much, but trolling is a really complicated issue. Half of what people call trolling is just players having different ideas for strategy or builds. So a big part of anti-trolling has to be educating players about what reasonable expectations are, and somehow giving players a way to let other players know what their experience/plans are… of course, in a way that isn’t super intricate or voice chat (because that can’t work for everyone)… :woman_shrugging:


Well, you’re right about how trolling is a really complicated issue. I recently played a “team” game using the Voice option and found just how different it is.

it’s such a huge adjustment. Without going into too much detail, it was a huge culture shock, language barrier and keeping composure is that much harder as well, when you’re using your voice to give commands or aknowledge or just express emotions.

it made me realize just how Vastly different each player approaches the game and to their own right, are equally just trying to enjoy the game as much as the next guy/girl.

I agree the issue of “trolling” is mostly just getting players on the same page, which in some cases, is the same as accepting them as a REAL friend, not just somebody on your list. Honestly, if trolling is EVER solved on a global scale… i would be giving SEMC and VAINGLORY a UNICEF world PEACE award.

I believe the issue of trolling is of such a deep, Deep importance, the more you analyse the Cause, the more you realize that the only real solution is one of acceptance and tolerance. The same way we accept different religions and faiths, cultures, skin colours. There are just too many variables to “try and change” to “suit” your own playstyle. Ultimately, it is Me, myself and I that is the only one that can be influenced and changed.

Thus, trolling is within all of us to change OURSELVES. To be accepting of those less experienced. Aknowledge that their behavior, no matter how bad is only a reflection on themselves.


i wonder, what if we got connection problem when draft picking (request time out for a while, unintentionally)… I think it would be not fair, especially for players with limited internet connection (sea server?) :frowning:


it is possible. unfortunately, the only solution for that, is a better internet connection.
I believe the onus is on the user to make sure their internet is sufficient to handle the game.


It’s true trolling can’t always be defined easily but there’s another problem. Someone doesn’t get the role or even hero he wants, actually I’ve experienced even when you don’t ban what someone wants they just go suiciding under turrets. And there is no way to stop punish or even report them. I know there’s the downvote system but it really doesn’t do anything. I’ve noticed if I downvote people my own karma drops lol. If I upvote everyone it rarely drops from great. Anyway, the trolls don’t get punished is what I meant.

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I like my idea more because it punishes everyone equally. This is just making VG players suffer. Don’t see why everyone below T10 just loses 1 game worth of ELO while everyone in VG loses 5 games worth, maybe not everyone because ELO boosted accounts, but I know that I will lose 5 games worth of ELO. And I don’t dodge but its scary to know that because what if I get a bug or I crash or something. As support likes to say "SORRY WE CAN’T HELP WITH THAT TOO BAD AND WE AREN’T ALLOWED TO REMOVE PEOPLE FROM LPQ BECAUSE WE DON’T HAVE THE ABILITY TO DO THAT."

As far as I know, your voting behavior doesn’t have an effect on your own karma. It only effects how much your vote effects the karma of others. Seeing your own karma drop when you downvote someone might just be a coincidence. It would kind of make sense too, since, in a game where you’re upset at someone enough to downvote them, they probably downvoted you as well, or at least, just didn’t upvote you. And remember, to lose great karma, you only have to not be upvoted a certain number of times over a certain period of games. Because of that, losing great karma can coincide with a lot of other things than actually doing something toxic, so it feels kind of arbitrary for a lot of players.

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Yeah I don’t really know if it actually works like that. I just said that as a side note from what I’ve noticed. If I upvote everyone even people who are terrible at the thing they picked, trolls etc I get great karma. Anyway I don’t really care for it at all anymore so I was just saying. My point was the up/downvote system doesn’t do anything to trolls. There is no way to report them so there’s no way to stop them.

Well, part of the issue is that people don’t believe it does anything, so they don’t use it… which… guarantees that it won’t do anything, since it needs multiple inputs from multiple people to enact a punishment on someone.

Personally, I think they should daylight some of it. Some people avoid voting because they know it diminishes the effect of their individual vote, so they think why bother?.. Instead, have a meter that shows your vote’s percent effectiveness. Start at 100%, and say, after 5 votes or whatever, you’re now at 80%. It can recharge with time. This will let people know that they should save their votes for real trolling, and not just things that could be misunderstandings or minor mistakes. On the flip of that, let people know how much karma they dinged a person for, or let them know if that person has been reported recently and is seeing some sort of punishment. You’d have to do it in a way that doesn’t allow for witch-hunting though, so I don’t know what the best visualization of this would be, or how it might work under the hood.

Exactly people lose their own vote power for trolls and even then if literally every single one of them downvotes the troll they’d still get lpq and if the queue is long enough hop right in your next game. The system needs a lot of improvements or even better complete rework.

Everything except Trolling/Griefing and AFK (especially AFK) do nothing. You’d think that saying someone is “Unskilled Play” would make them lose a bit more ELO after some calculations based on your own KDA and the person who you are reporting’s KDA. Assists count and if a captain isn’t trying to get an assist after assisting you when killing someone something is wrong. And obviously it isn’t prejudice towards captains if they save your life, because who would report someone who saved their life anyways LOL. Sounds like we need a reform of what the different reports do and to actually make it transparent, I still don’t know what is the point of Good Karma if it may or may not be one step away from Bad Karma.

Its worth 5 wins in vg while its only 1 to 1.5 wins in other ranks seems fair… Gonna be so much fun when you get a black screen in draft and lose all the elo you’ve been grinding all day. Creating more frustration with then intention of reducing it, classic semc.

Ye it’s a double edged sword. Now we get less dodges, but now trolls can force us to stay in games and sabotage games from the getgo

Just like that double Edge Sword, it also benefits Us in such a way that either the troller dodges and loses 25 points, OR he plays through - builds all boots - turret dives, etc… and gets reported. Either way, it’s a win for the trolling reporting system.

It’s either dodge, hide and minus 25 points or don’t hide and get reported. OR a third possibility… Actually play the game with the intention to win, thus in the process, become less of a troll. The more every game plays through to the end, the more every player will end up on the same page eventually.

Win or Lose, Each troll has their own agenda. Whether it’s a genuine bad player or an innocent newbie, playing every game to the end teaches that comebacks are possible. The player to player dynamic is one that needs Many, Many games to reach a point of harmony between all the different playstyles.

Just look at the newly formed Tribe full of superstar elite veteran players who on paper should never lose. So, why did they? Could it be communication? Luck? Different playstyle? still synergizing?

My point is, team synergy is something that is hard to achieve, even at the highest level. If we can somehow get that part right ( voice comms, etc.) then we can distinguish unskilled from true trolls. they won’t have anywhere to hide no more.


Yeah interesting point, hadn’t considers casual dodging. Is it common? When I play causal I’m usually doing it to practice a hero or build comp so I’m rarely salty and see no point in thinking about dodging because the results… well not massively important.

As for the dodge penalty, I think it’s a great idea, at high tiers 25 elo equates to a lot of wins. Literally no incentive to dodge now, which means my twenty minute queue times should be hit significantly.

Trolling is rampant at the moment.

Locked in Celeste last night (I was first pick in draft) only to be called a noob by the second pick because (well he wanted to lane). He then declared this was his smurf (it wasn’t) and he locks in CP Idirs declaring “I’m going to troll all game”.

Now this was my last match to make POA gold for the 3v3 season. It titled me a little and I’ve now lost three in a row, POA gold won’t happen.

His punishment for trolling the match, well nothing, he just spent the game laughing every time alpha killed one of us whilst desperately trying to last hit whenever he could.