3.3 Meta thoughts

So what are people’s thoughts re the meta this patch?

Personally feel this is a nice update, they’ve not gone overboard with the nerf hammer which is unlike SEMC in fact the nerds are reasonable.

And they’ve buffed some interesting hero’s. Noticeable are Reim (not so slow anymore old bean), Lances huge CD and WP buffs (going to be a top lane meta hero I think) and glaive. Small tweaks to Ringo, WP Kestrel and BF will also propel them up the ladder.

Looking forward to playing cooldown lance again He was one of my favourite niche laners back in the day.

i feel like WP ozo jg, toplane lance, and cp skye will be more relevant now. kensei seems like a good laner too, with his 165% total unoverdrived dmg on his A.

EDIT: btw, moved this to vg 5v5 bc forum stuffs is about the forums

I think that 65% is the damage not the bonus damage?

i never said bonus damage, i just think that with 3 consecutive cleaves dealing at least half your dmg, you can clear pretty well.

Reza will be S tier for sure. 30


I bet there’s gonna be a huge spike in low-tier Ringo spam.


Sadly this has been happening for over a month so probably not

My guesses:
Kensei and Reza/Malene will be permabanned. Varya, Samuel, Kestrel, and Reza/Malene will be a top picks. There is a part of me that worries that the Skaarf nerf/buff will result in a DE/CW/SF team melter who contests dragons and wins late. Kestrel will be a highly contested pick. Lance is going to see a significant increase in play and win rate because of his Combat Roll changes. Some pro team is going to play a comp built around WP Ozo with Adagio and Grace/Ardan. Ringo and Baron will still be bottom tier. Reim is going to see top lane play. Krul and attack speed builds (PS/BP) just got worse due to the Atlas changes. Somebody is going to make crystal bomb Glaive work, not really but I can hope.


I don’t get Krul nerf. Whoever did it probably either never played Krul or lost 30 consecutive games to Krul and want revenge. He’s definitely top 3 if not top 1 worst team fighter in the game. If they do that to his early game without ANYTHING in return for his lategame and team fighting potential how is he supposed to do anything.

Krul got triple nerfed. He lost the life steal on his Spectral Smite, TB got a 30 proc damage reduction, and Atlas got a 15% increase in attack speed reduction. Plus Lance is going to be more prevalent.


Nah u missed my point, cuz the 65% isn’t bonus damage it means that the attack literally deals 65% of basic attack rather than 165 as you said

Ye krul was probably A tier last patch, not broken and certainly counterrable, now he’s gonna be irrelevant as it gets, having to be cautious early game again but also not having a late game to scale into like he once did

Yep and without anything in return. He was already one of the weakest late game heroes. Now he can’t even win early.

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I just hope we can see more cp skyes with the fb buff

Agree. She is one of the most enjoyable heroes to watch played well. The super nerf she got in 2.7 where Forward Barrage went from 210 to 120% CP and a Suri Strike nerf in 2.9 from 6 to 10 secs made her fall off a cliff. They have been slowly buffing her, but I think if they just lower Suri by 1 sec all levels (7sec on overdrive) she would be doing better.

I’m interested in the idris change. Is him losing the wp attack on his ranged attack just on the talent? Otherwise there will never be a chance for a hybrid idris to work.

I would really like to use Reim more, hopefully the change works. And some lance too lol.

I really don’t like how the games seem to be playing out, hard to comeback if you get under. But two 5v5 games I did a couple days ago were very balance, we both got each other’s vain exposed.

I don’t remember much about the talent bc all I did was just level it up to 12 and spam it in blitz to open quest chests so I can’t say much about it, but in the main game Idris if he’s CP or “hybrid” never has WP damage on his ranged autos. And the PS + WP infusion Idris was not hybrid Idris at all. It was literally people just taking the benefits from his WP A and the AA reset for his A and his ult, they didn’t go close range or anything they still played him like CP Idris, and I don’t think thats what hybrid is supposed to be…

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The hybrid never dealt WP on his ranged auto? I think in blitz it did? (With both paths unlocked, people just went WP and abused it) Isn’t it classified as a basic attack, meaning it deals 100 percent wp ratio? Am I missing something?

Yeah it did that in blitz, but I don’t remember exactly why. I’m 95% sure that ranged attacks are just pure CP and no WP and if it is/was WP it was a super minuscule amount.

Ranged attacks do 75%cp plus 50%wp his normal aa if I remember correctly does both too but in a different ratio. BTW this is in normal game modes and brawl modes without using rare talent

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