3.10 Meta Changes -Zekent


Seems like Jungle is a better place in 3.10?


All I can say is whatever they do at this point, I hope it works. I don’t see reducing ambient gold stoping group pushes. People push in groups to overpower an enemy and take an objective so that they have a lane advantage. Ambient gold and exp just helped that along. I just see heroes that can easily be funneled like krul or anka becoming the thing again but who knows.

I’m hoping for something better though.


Hm I really hope that SC/SgB buff doesn’t make it OP again. It’s nice to see that they’re making impactful changes to 3v3 considering how much they’ve been ignoring it since the 5v5 release, though.


So if i am not mistaken they’re completely removing jungle ambient and they’re reducing lane ambient right ?


No separated balancing… rip
@Sandiha yes


So I’m hopeful, but also doubtful about the new 3v3 changes. I like the Crystal miner buff, but I think they’ll need to make him bulkier to allow for that. At the moment he can be solo’d too easily by many heroes.


The 3v3 changes are interesting , that actually can make the jungle great again like the old times , but are they keeping the balance changes shared ?! Give 3v3 it’s own balance changes zekent !


Making SC mandatory is really feelsbadman as a malene onetrick :frowning:


Why?? SC on Malene has been kind of popular recently


I am a firm believer of AS BM malene


SF,SG/DE,BM,SC has been getting used alot in high tiers. Give it a try and see


Well 3v3 is going to be even easier to snowball for me when I finish games in sub 18 minutes or so due to an aggressive jungle rotation.

And thank god they changed bot lane.


Why would anyone funnel a Krul? No one has ever funneled a Krul. Krul hasn’t been used in 5s constantly since his major nerf during the first patch of 5s.

People group up and push because they just can and there is no backfire. If they reduce ambient gold the enemy laner will just need to stall minions so eventually it will be a net loss for the enemy jungler. Not to mention banner (unless there are some major changes made) will be super easy to secure jungle in general with meaning top laners can properly be aggro if they desire.

Building banner will be a loss for the bot laner and still is right now so it should be okay.


I was just using a random example of a hero who could use to your advantage based on having a gold lead at any stage in the game. (Yes all heroes with gold advantage can be a pain but some more than others) That’s why I also mentioned anka. Agreed with the why people push in groups part.

Of course some heroes will lose out with less ambient gold but if you have a hero with a lead, they can pressure a lane hero while their teamates make up for their net loss with cs and going into jungle anyway. I’m thinking if a group pushes a lane and forces the enemy back, or possibly ganks a hero, the better sg/sgb makes it easier for the jungler to help with this and still clear jungle. Since they’re already grouped, the opposing enemy jungler can’t risk invading too much unless it’s on the other side of the map or get teamed inbetween lane rotations, putting top or bot enemy laner at a gold disadvantage at the start while opposing top or bot laner with the group is now free to build a lead on them from wave clear as jungler is also freed up to jungle again.

I guess simply, people won’t be grouped up all the time, but group pushes way before mid to late game will likely still be an easily strategic thing, not to mention if laners buy sg/sgb and increase their clear speed, they’ll force enemies to split up while the group with the jungler lead can still pressure. It’s not like jungle doesn’t spawn pretty quickly so it’s not like the jungler loses out on that much by grouping up still.

And yeah, I just see more laners incorporating t2 sg in their build just to go starve jungle anyway and take turrets faster then sell it later if they make it much stronger lol.

Could be wrong, just hypothesizing, but people just love going into jungle even if they aren’t a jungler and I don’t think a stronger sg/sgb and no shared gold/exp in jungle is gonna change that so much as just make life more painful for junglers, and force them into lane to make up for stolen gold anyway lol.


According to Maxman, Taka got a crazy change… Hopefully a good one.


I’m not sure as much change will come from this patch. Reduce in ambient gold lane. Seems to be what people wanted. Now you’ve just reduced the cost of utility items? So captains still just sit in lane. You’ve improved banner/SC against objective/jungle monsters? Great, junglers can get back to the lane quicker for more 2v1 and 3v1 against top.

While SEMC made a few cool unique features (to me anyways, as an old-time MOBA player) with the river flow speed boost/slow and the home base/vain crystal fighting back, they’ve messed up with their 5v5 map design unfortunately. The map doesn’t have to be purely left to right. It can still be a “diagonal” path. One side fights going “southwest” and the other fights going “northeast”. I remain firm in my opinion that the map should NOT be mirrored and that it needs to be harder to invade the enemy jungle.


Or help top. 303030303030303030


Touche, good sir. But then again, how many times in public solo queue or even duo quue does your random jungler have that awareness? From my experience, not often, but I’ll use your rebuttal as a reason to be optimisitc!


Because the actual meta is about pushing bot, not top, but that doesn’t mean the new meta won’t change that, specially because they will have to rotate to farm jungle.


Zekent is bad at balancing dude