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3.10 bugs listing


I played Skaarf in a 3v3 ranked match today. I did NOT notice anything like this. I’ll have to pay closer attention next time. I remember burning a few towers to a crisp.


So here are a few examples from a bot match I played just now – the issue is inconsistent: sometimes the goop ended up where I tapped, many other times it did not (the off-target ones shown above). It only seems to happen with turrets and the crystal – I tried the gold miner, various jungle creeps, lane minions, and other heroes and didn’t see the bug.


Broken af lmaooo would try it 10/10


They hotfixed it for sure , it’s similar to other bugs , like when Yates was stunned while doing his ult he would be unkillable if I remember correctly that bug , or ozo infinite loop hehehe .


This honestly disgusts and confuses me. What happened to no compromise?


The Ozo Ult bug is definitely still present.


Rona still has the stop AA bug. Frustrating.


Not only Rona, all of the heroes got a problem with AAs. :frowning:


When they get near certain walls. It’s so annoying, specially in 3v3. How are you not going to get near a wall in 3v3’s jungle? I’m amazed how after so long it’s still there.


SAW with his rare talent active is unable to damage enemy scout cams, even though he can target them – they just take no damage at all.


Can I finally say that this is going on to the list of bugs that has been there for a full year now?


I actually wish for more bugs ruin the talents so we could possibly get rid of them , please just talk about real bugs ruin our game experience , let talents bugs live .


Not possible. It would create SUCH an uproar of people who spent Ice or Money on the talent chests. And there wouldn’t be a way to rightfully compensate the players who did use money. Returning Ice would be ok but it still doesnt add up imo.


Agreed, unfortunately. The best we can hope for at this point is a brawl mode free of talents – like the Classic Blitz mode we were promised but which has yet to appear. :minions_sad_t3:


With the smaller player base, I highly doubt it will ever come.
Especially with the monetized talents. When people experience that they can have fun in the non talent blitz and even more so (the + sides are bigger than the - sides imho) - they will switch to the talentless variant and thus kill the ice/glory spends on talents (as even the people that likes them will feel it’s useless when everyone plays the variant without them).


Yah, that’s pretty much my take on it also. Unfortunately.


Few bugs to report.
There’s a latency issue with skillshots and dashes. Some heroes are affected and some aren’t. Most notably, Skaarf. Using Spitfire sometimes glitches your position and randomly teleports you. Anka and Magnus do the same thing. When playing heroes like Reza, Kensei, or Ardan, when ever you dash, your position also glitches out.

There’s also a stutterstep bug. Occasionally, whenever you select a target after moving you either slide around or you move to the position you tapped before finally moving to attack your target.
In addition, there are times where you auto attack a non selected target.


That tilts me so hard. When I am Reza and use my B to get away but I don’t actually move. Like why the hell would I use my DASH ability to not move while also wasting my CD and possibly dying.


Worse than that, I went to use Lyra’s ult to cross a wall and clutch save my carry. Instead I hit the wall ( my port made it over by a lot but not me :joy: ) and my carry died because my A was just short


A lot of times I died/didn’t save/didn’t kill|didn’t land important ability like lance A, because of insane lag or X bug. Frustrating, but for SEMC it’s more important to chase crossplatform vs fixing those bugs.