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3.10 bugs listing


Yah. :rage: This one has really annoyed me for a long time, as 99% of the time, it’s literally the only feedback you ever get from other players if you’re playing solo, which I do most of the time.


BF is actually good. Okay all JOKES aside one bug I got was when where SMEC loading screen takes so long that my device actually goes to sleep mode. This never happens and when it does it results in multiple crashes until I power off/on my iphone.


These still show up for me mostly right after the match. Sometimes a bit delayed.

This is what has shown up the most delayed for me since Autumn 2018, but I usually get them within a few minutes.

I wonder if VG just runs better on Android devices??


I am using note 9, i.e. android… soooo, no. :smiley:


Is it me… or whenever I play VG, if any match that has Joule… my phone overheats and VG restarts…

I could play VG for hours and then suddenly there is joule. It overheats…


Didn’t observe such behavior on my exynos note 9 running android 9. :confused:


I’ve been seeing a lot of frame rate issues the last two patches, but it seems to be particularly bad in this one. The hotfix didn’t improve anything, in my experience.

I hate to see the engine bogging down, as VG’s graphics have always been a highlight. And also because the competition’s graphics performance has been steadily improving. :confused:


Not sure if this patch created it, but I accidentally discovered a glitch with GJ’s ult while messing around with @This_Aint_Sparta_2.0 yesterday. For some reason, whenever he swallows an enemy hero and drops them in the 3v3 sanctuary, the enemy he swallowed and he himself vanish from existence, depending on the player, until the enemy gets out of it.

From a Grump’s perspective


From an enemy hero’s perspective



To add to your (correct and valid) statement: on my secondary htc m8 the game nowdays lags on even medium gfx while at 5vs5 release it was smooth on high, then it was only on medium and here we are today. The most frustrating thing is that it does not coming paired with better graphics. They are the same, but somehow the game runs worse + drains a lot more battery/generates heat. Disappointed in that regard, dunno what they do because of all that porting crossplatform thing, but it’s ruining the mobile core version.


SAW B skill slow effect and damage delayed… Anyone feel the same thing…??


Another one I just encountered; I was able to claim the reward for completing all of the O4A missions despite not doing so


Contender Ardan also doesn’t show up in the skins page

Seems like it’s this for other LE skins, save contender Kestrel and Kensei, even if they are owned.

This many bugs is to be expected at this point tbh


The main prob is however, the game doesn’t feel smooth anymore and it sucks! While playing with Magnus,skaarf and several other heroes , I got some glicthy bugs! Screen kindda shakes or sth idk, but it distracts me!! VG is almost at the verge of dying and if these things continue further i am afraid more people will leave being annoyed!


I see them most of the time, I think. Maybe I’m getting more than I see but as I don’t team up often I can’t be sure. What I have had nonstop since about update 2.0 (so aaaages ago) is every time I open the app, I get the ‘a player you reported has been banned’ message, no matter if I’ve actually reported someone at any recent time or not.


She’s just too damn hawt hehehe


Two more bugs to add to the list:

  • In 3v3 and Blitz, when trying to place a scout cam in the bushes at the bottom edge of the lane (particularly on the enemy side), the cam very frequently ends up somewhere other than where I tap – often where my character is standing, but sometimes seemingly randomly between where I tap and my character. This has been going on for several patches now.
  • As someone else pointed out (can’t find the post at the moment), it’s impossible to place Skaarf’s goop under a turret in 3.10 – it ends up just to the side of the turret instead.

Both of these are enormously impactful bugs that negatively affect gameplay. I’m astounded that #1 hasn’t been fixed for months and that #2 wasn’t discovered and fixed in testing, because it’s impossible not to notice it.

There’s no gentle way to say it: SEMC’s coding is sloppy, and their code review process is obviously a mess.

EDIT: Just found the original post about the goop issue (hat tip: @Orikson)


I feel it’s getting worse tbh… also another gfx bug are some “shadow” tick lines in the river next to mid lane, it’s like artifact and shows from time to time. :confused:

Edit: Also I really like your words how the rival mobas are getting better in terms of gfx/sound (albeit different art style and idea) + squish bugs and problems, improving their games. While SEMC are blindly chasing crossplatform instead of put their attention towards the core mobile version. It starts to feel more like a PC game port vs pure mobile created game.

Do you imagine such game braking bugs to exist in aov and the devs to not urgently fix them? :frowning:


Yeah, when I was actively working on developing Andi for the VG API, an SEMC dev explicitly stated that their approach was generally to get a feature out the door quickly rather than waiting for it to be perfect. My comment at the time was that that was a VERY poor approach to software development, as (1) building on a flawed foundation is never a good idea, as it leads to unpredictable results down the road and (2) it’s much more difficult to go back and fix things later than it is to do things right in the beginning.

When I look at how buggy the game is – and how the bugs continue to increase over time – I think back to that dev’s comment from way back when. And it all makes sense … :anguished:


That’s always been that way if it’s timed just right. I’ve had it happen with Koshka when she uses Yummy Catnip Frenzy, so she’s stuck bouncing around the enemy base. The best was when I was playing Ozo and got pulle in on an Acrobounce — I just lazily sailed across the map. I’ve most often happen with Koshka’s Ult, so it might be that it happens more with abilities hat are active for longer.


Not that I will right now, but this is disappointing to hear and makes me want to try other MOBAs for mobile devices. The other day I found myself searching “new MOBA mobile games”. I just don’t like all the game modes in others (that make it not a MOBA) or the more “cartoony” graphics of them.

Vainglory is a good game. It has the potential to be so great! Perfect the mobile version, and it gets even easier to transition to other platforms! C’mon, SEMC, you do it! Make this game great and get out the dust pan and broom and clean a few things up!