3.10 bugs listing

Sooo, let’s begin:

  1. Chat is disabled and we can’t type in draft (5vs5), no “type here” text shows and pressing does nothing
  2. I was in draft and magically in the middle of it, I was shown again accept match window, pressed accept and I entered another draft with different players. There chat worked and one other player said that just before that game he magically from party entered another game in progress. :open_mouth:

Well… the extra 1m between updates, surely pays off. This is why you don’t go cross platform while understaffed and having tons of bugs that are not fixed even before the other platforms versions.


Skyes A has a occasional screen shaking bug while shes firing Forward Barrage. Plus its happening to multiple players.

Idk what they did with Taka but if you X Retsu onto a recalling enemy, you will be pulled across the map into the base of the enemy team. (I have a Replay of it happening)

They need to do what they did with Graces As where her dash stops after a certain distance and your not dragged across the map.

I saw someone on reddit say the same thing and Krul said that they weren’t.

My word of advice is lets just not assume stuff.

  • names being changed randomly.
  • Ylva acts as a melee hero in terms of items (BoE and BP).
  • you can’t see what you are writing
  • Taka’s ult has different cooldown than intended
  • Reim’s FH is capped at 20% instead of 40%

Hot fix is coming in about 2 days.

Edit: there is a bug with certain abilities like Magnus A or skaarf’s A that makes your hero port like if it was lagging every time you use those abilities, it’s very difficult to concentrate blinking continuously.


Also, if Ylva is stunned right as her charged shot becomes a stun, she get’s permanent stun attacks.








I can’t believe SEMC didn’t take notice when testing her… Permaban confirmed


Make it a talent, sell it,…


Well, sadly I fear the crossplatform plans are taking their toll… more and more bugs while the old ones stays for the major part. Also the new ones are really game breaking.

Do 2 years old bugs count at this point ?


Then the list would never end…

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I am having continual problems with abilities (particularly B abilities, oddly) failing to activate. And of course, the auto attack bugs remain a perennial favorite.

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Those bugs are worth urgent hotfix as they really are both easy to spot from the players and affecting the game. Dunno why SEMC is ok for them to exist and for some - for months/years. On top of that and twice the time for updates, they introduce more and more really bad bugs… really, this can only be because of the crossplatform development, but who knows actually what it is and why SEMC are not focusing to fix all the bugs that are major.

daily chest notification fail to appear

My opinion is totally subjective, but I also mean understaffed for the current task laying ahead of them (i.e. all the platforms they currently develop). So even if they are more than the original team:
A) new team members that still needs time to get their best productivity
B) missing key members that were there from the start and knew the engine from the top to bottom
C) before there was only mobile game variant without any other versions (platforms) and of top of that only one map
D) right now they develop for God knows how many platforms, but surely not only the PC (this is confirmed by them)
E) I don’t expect a SEMC team member to say something different than Krul’s answer

So, understaffed goes for the many platforms they currently develop for as the fact there is no (for example) playstation versions, doesn’t mean they are not building one (and they clearly said consoles… so there could be more in development).


Actually, Vainglory was originally iOS only. The Android version was released several months later.


Same thing happens with Skye’s Suri Strike. Or this really happens and I just don’t know or just my first time experiencing this being a Skye main? I did Suri Strike on a target locked recalling enemy and I ended up in enemy base. I wasn’t mad, I was surprised and happy I experienced it! :smiley::smiley::smiley: Too bad, I wasn’t able to record it. :frowning: Oh and to add, this happened late game and my death lead us to a defeat. #sad

And I once experienced that thing with Grace too way past patches. And I still have the clip! :smiley:

Really? They’ll be having versions on consoles too? I’d love that!!! :heart:

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This is doable with a few heroes and has been for a while. I dunno if it’s become more likely this patch but I’ve seen it done with Skye and Blackfeather, and done it myself with Ozo.

@Jhoenixus @RiseChu


My bad, I know that as I kept an eye on it when it was ios only and was one of the first to install the android released version. Wanted to type “mobile” only. :slight_smile: 10x for pointing out

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The thing is though that (if i remember correctly) they made some changes to the way that Graces dash works and that they didnt apply the same precautions (against map dashing) with the other heros.

Do you guys EVER see who gave you a thumbs up after the match any more? For the past two patches, those notifications were showing up late about 2/3 of the time, but now they almost never show up at all. Ever.

I know I’m getting them, because my karma went back up to great again, but I haven’t seen an upvote notification in 2 or 3 days.

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For me they are delayed most of the time (also end match awards frequently, esp this update) and sometimes wont show at all as for you… so many bugs , that I don’t even…