3.1 soon? what are they preparing beside Tony and 5v5 ranked?

they like to keep us in the dark dont they?


Ozo skin of course
I hope is a Legendary or SE skin


There was a leaked ozo skin last year…

There also that grace skin from the video

What skin? You misquoted can you link us up?

Talking about this one


Oh the things I have seen…

I am sure we will see some reveals soonish - Tony’s reveal was actually pretty early in the patch for a new hero to be honest, but I would assume his kit will be revealed soon.

If there are new skins I’d expect them to be shown soon as well.

But ranked for 5v5 presumably is a lot of work - its a new draft pattern etc, work on matchmaking etc. A new hero on top of that is icing really.


Why not just push rank up 1 patch honestly I don’t see a reason to push 5v5 rank now

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Tweak so the game (especially pro scene) won’t be like the PC one when there only 5 kill and the game ended only 25 minutes (just traumatic when watched it and glad not playing it) and PLS PLS PLS SEMC why you just make only one support in team i will stop play Captain if i only support in team because if everyone carry buy the blue or red thing why i should buy the disgusting green and purple thing and somebody want me to do something like their own slave

I do agree supporting needs to feel more rewarding. Rn the best supports are fast strong single target or heavy CC, but slow heroes are rather weak. Most supports build hybrid too

They’re deperately trying to fix the matchmaker before ranked goes up.

And then they will never give us ranked rewards.

Also they’re probably nerfing the lights out of all the characters I enjoy playing.

If Ozo gets a Leg or SE I’m insta buying that u know it


I WOULD say I’m looking forward to buying the Grace skin, but I can’t anymore… because it’s all random and I have no chance of ever getting a skin again hahahahhhhh


you buy the skin, you get that skin
it’s never random when you buy a skin.
i can’t imagine how people will react if they purchase grace skin but got wuxia ozo instead…

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Because casual is garbage? And 3v3 rank obsolete?


What he means is that you can’t buy the skin early.
Only gamble like Vox on Ice and Reza and gwen SE…

well that too, but also buying it after it’s available for essence. Or would be. you know. if it wasn’t all RNG.

Getting that freaking blueprint you mean. Yeah good luck with that wahahah



right in my cheap f2p heart.

remake of Cath’s Splashart.