3.1 Is coming really soon! Get hyped!

I can’t wait to see what is my skill level for 5v5 rank, and try out Tony!

The update should come no later than March 14th.

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I thought it would be on the 15th because of the season ending .-.

where are 3.1 patch notes? (not hero and item notes, the whole thing)

Nothing official has been released yet. There’s been a leak but I can’t post that here.

It could be the 15th. I thought that the season ended on the 14th but I could be wrong.

Does the leak have anything related to ranked 5v5?
Or Its just the event and stuff?
According to your post our 5v5 rank doesnt start from zero?

It should come in 3.1, atleast if we go by the leaks… SEMC can pretty much change that in the last moment if they wish to/have problems with the matchmaking.

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One of the most interesting thing that the leak have are the bug fixes, mostly for Baptiste. Other than that it’s just the announcement of 5v5 ranked, Tony and his skills (The leak was before the reveal of his skills, so it’s pretty much legit I think). There’s an event where if you log in every day for the first week, you get a reward. Stuff like that lol.

Sorry, what I meant is; I’m excited to see what will be my rank level at the end of the next season.
I really hope that everybody doesn’t start at the same level though. That would be a mess at first in my opinion.

It was already leaked to the forum.

It’s been removed.

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Hope it is on the 14th lol

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90% of the time it’s on Wednesday’s.

its coming tomorrow official facebook post


Yes but the minions weren’t told not to play hide and seek

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