2019 E3 (Microsoft, Bethseda, Square Enix, and Nintendo)

Did anyone watch the reveals for this years e3?

What were your favorite titles?


Other than that, I’m hyped for Astral Chain, BOTW2, Luigi’s mansion 3, FE 3 Houses, the FFVII remake, Doom Eternal, Cyberpunk 2077, and DBZ Kakarot so far.


Im hyped for every game that you listed except for Cyberpunk 2077 :joy::joy:

But you forgot the most amazing game announced.


If you remember, on one of my past threads, I stated that I hated how the ending was left where there was no conclusion.

But now I see why they did that since the trailers looks to be a continuation of the game which is MAX HYPE :star_struck::star_struck:

Time for some more yummy graphics


I’m honestly really interested in the whole tone of the new game. For a relatively post-apocalyptic game, the first one was still somewhat upbeat (as to be expected from a Zelda game), but with this one we see zombie ganondorf.


Exactly. I wonder if the story will take place in a new continent or something but I doubt that because they showed the Hyrule Castle rising from the ground.

Might I add that the dark spikes are no longer surrounding the castle. :eyes: So does this take place before the events of BOTW or after?

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Hands down, the best part of E3 was Ikumi Nakamura


I hope that it’ll have a new continent. The world in the first was great, but I would prefer to be somewhere new rather than in areas that I’ve already explored, even if they have drastic changes.
I’m kinda thinking it’s going to be a continuation considering how Zelda talks about restoring Hyrule in the true ending.

also talking about BOTW is making me want to go play it again to 100% my file and maybe get the dlc. I never did either


I really liked seeing how she loved all the fanart of herself. She’s too wholesome for us.

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And of course the only panel I missed was Bethseda :expressionless:

RN im pulling it up on twitch to watch it :hugs:

But forreal just by the video Ikumi is just precious :laughing:


ANIMAL CROSSING!!! It looks so damn cute and amazing!

Look at this cuteness!

Games I is looking forward to

Of course liking other stuff like botw sequel, links awakening and Luigi’s mansion 3; Devolvers show is always fun to see and the games shown I’m excited for too like fall guys ultimate knockout, carrion and my friend Pedro. And battletoads, oninaki, roller champions and other games I’m sure of that have slipped my mind I’m gonna keep my eye on, it is an amazing e3


OmG yESssssss this one (Animal Crossing) totally left my mind for a moment (and totally not overshadowed by other games).

This year I have way to much games to get :tired_face:

Rip my september wallet

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I am excited for are Cyberpunk 2077 (I just LOVE CDPR’s morals!), DBZ Kakarot, Doom Eternal, and might even get a Switch soon finally for FE 3 Houses, Pokemon Shield (Gotta represent us support mains), BOTW 1 and soon 2, and a bunch of other games already out. JoJo’s Bizarre Police Force also looks super cool. Nothing compares to Battle for Bikini Bottom for me tho

I know September is packed, tho got lots of games then to hold me over till I disappear into animal crossing next year

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AC slipped my mind as well. Can’t wait to go back into Tom Nook’s cycle of endless debt. I’m pretty sure I still owe him some bells on my copy of New Leaf

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Also I’m really pissed that not all pokemon wil be available in Sword and Shield. Like really pissed.

I’m buying my brother SMM2 for his birthday, and I may also get link’s awakening at some point. Also Dauntless. Nindies are tomorrow, I’m always a fan of those.

Nintendo aside, there was nada on Starfield or ES6 so not much for me to care about… Although Deathloop looks interesting.

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Same, I lost some hype for it after hearing that. Ignoring my personal attachment to a lot of my pokemon on my cartridges and my bank, I really think it’s horrible how having full access to the ever-expanding selection of pokemon to collect and use and the ability to transfer any of them to future games, two core features of the games, are limited. Hopefully all of the pokemon will be useable eventually though.