2016 Spring Krul Concept

2016 Spring Season Krul skin concept. A earlier version had a scythe. During a VG community critique, it was advised I replace the scythe with something spring related.

Fun note: Baptiste hadn’t been released yet.


DUDE THAT’S ACTUALLY A GREAT CONCEPT!!! Scarecrow Baptiste and Farmer Krul dream team!!!

Have you posted this on Reddit???

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You mean “Have you posted a link to this on Reddit?” of course … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Of course I do :^)

Even tho I always forget to do that myself

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I remember the original :*) I believe the scythe was changed because it was pointed out that he would cut his body in half during his ult?

Krul rework: Ult: Sacrificial Blade

Krul rips out his sword and chucks it at an enemy. This reduces krul to 1% of his health. If the sword hits an enemy, it does 1,000,000 cp damage