1st Lyra game in 6 months

Outdamaged Krul and Ozo pretty proud considering i didn’t any Lyra game in 6 months.

The enemy team is dumb for not getting MW items against a Lyra. Roam Lyra is nice as shown here, but horrendous against aoe spell fire heroes and atk spf oriented heros

Yeah the quality of players in this game was suboptimal but i love Lyra she’s my favorite hero and this game was pretty fun because i was able to play it agressively

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When I play Lyra I go full CD and just teleport people into my turrets lol.

Cd reduction is caped at 35%, with roocks and capacitor you will reach that cap whilst infused so no point building than more than 2 cd items.

I mean before not now. I haven’t played her recently. Well I actually did today but didn’t get more than possible.

Btw lets just appreciate the fact that Ozo got mvp when i dealt more damage than him as a full utility hero and had a better kda

MVP is really random. Sometimes I’ve had games where someone has more damage, damage taken, heal, better and good KDA, ingame they were getting objectives and won the match and there’s some random dude in the enemy team getting the MVP.