1st game rank

How does this player even get paired with me.
Frustration to the max.
His first game. First loss. and first time getting pinged to death.
I’m so sick of match making.
I’m not even going to say “bad” match making anymore, because that would mean there’s such thing as “good” match making, which there isn’t.
MM just sucks hard.


I am growing increasingly concerned that the player base is shrinking fast.

Otherwise, I just can’t make sense of a lot of stuff I’m seeing lately.


Hey! Thats my normal team mate, except in the last event, when i trío queue.

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Everyone starts somewhere.

I looked at the stats of the game, he has done more damage than you (15.8% better), as well as has a better KDA ratio. Looking at the number of assists, it also appears that he has a greater map awareness, or at least luckily managed to be in the right places at the right time.
For a first game, I don’t think that is bad at all.

BUT, also realise that this player has played 0 games but has enough heroes for ranked 5v5. This means he is a player from 3v3, returning because of 5v5. His rank is t4 because that is what you start with when you haven’t played a game mode. For all we know, this guy could’ve been a highly skilled player.

I also notice you say he gets pinged to death. So you’re saying, a person who came back to Vainglory to try out 5v5, plays his first game, plays decently and gets pinged to death? Then you complain about matchmaking when pinging noobs to death is a factor in lesser playerbase and therefore worse matchmaking?

This level of negativity is in my eyes highly toxic. It is toxic for the forum community and it is toxic to Vainglory itself. Whenever I see posts that are negative like this, without actual reasoning, it makes the image of the forums as a cesspool of immature teenagers criticising SEMC without proper thought. As you are Forum Admin, you typing negative posts is especially bad, as you represent the forums as well. If I was new to the forums, and I see posts like these (which I do - All the time), I would definitely close these forums. Games are meant for fun, and this doesn’t seem to be much fun at all. If I was new to Vainglory, and I see posts like these coming from its fan base, I would doubt the game’s integrity and go to another game.
I posted this because I saw a bunch of negative posts recently, and in my eyes they exactly what the community DOESN’T need. I think this was one of the primary reasons the devs operated on other platforms more and closed down the previous forums.


Everyone is welcome to express their opinion here. Unlike the old forums, which were controlled by SEMC, we’re not here to promote only a positive image of the game – most especially when the situation is far from positive.

If you’d like to actually discuss the evidence that I’ve seen versus that which you’ve seen, I’m quite willing to do so.

I can guarantee you that no one here thinks I represent them. Lol.

Your point here is unclear. Do you mean that the purpose of these forums should simply be promotion of the game, rather than discussion of all its aspects – including its numerous problems? If so, you’re in the wrong place. You might want to check out the SEMC web site, which does a good job of promoting the good parts of the game and not mentioning any negative aspects.

Once again, everyone here is free to express their opinions about Vainglory – good or bad – as long as the posts observe our community guidelines.


I understand everyone is welcome to express their opinion. I believe that the situation is positive.
Dm me if you want to discuss the evidence.

Forum Admins definitely represent the community, as they enforce rules and help manage the forums.

My point is that the forums should be for reasonable discussion.
I often see unreasonable things like so:
“SEMC is a greedy they just want our money. Why don’t they solve issues like matchmaking and queue times.”
They can’t have both matchmaking and queue times to be fixed. They need more players to have both. As for the money grab. SEMC used to be very F2P friendly, however its because of investor pressure as well as need of funds to improve the game and pay the employees that they have started advertising more. They need this much amount of money to continue operating the game. Sure, the sale tactics are dodgy, but any lesser wouldn’t earn them as much money. Compared to other games, they are still quite f2p friendly, only monetising skins and accessories. No heroes, like LoL.

My problem with these kind of statements is not that they are complaining. The problem is that they are whining about a problem; offering no solution about it and refusing to see the bigger picture. They community guidelines state that “The conversations we have here set the tone for every new arrival. Help us influence the future of this community by choosing to engage in discussions that make this forum an interesting place to be — and avoiding those that do not.” and I personally believe that complaining about a problem, offering no solution, and failing to understand the real problem provides nothing in value for discussion, and sets a bad tone in the forums. A lot of people simply bandwagon onto posts that complain/praise, which is why I always think that discourse should be intelligent so that the posts after them follow by example.

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This post is like a complain to the MM state and how big or small the playerbase is as this match shows a lack of players to be matched with.

OP complains about MM matching him with a bad player.

I’m saying he was not a bad player, MM was fair.

How is it showing a lack of players to be matched with?
Just cause he got matched with a player who is playing his first ranked match doesn’t mean that there are a lack of players. Should players who haven’t played 5v5 ranked before only be matched with other new players who haven’t played 5v5 ranked before? That would take an awfully long time.
Venom’s tier (t4) is the same tier as the the person who is new. Doesn’t seem too bad. The difference between the average skill tiers of the two teams is only 11.2 skill tier points. I earn and lose more than that per rank game, so I’d say that is also quite fair. Also, all of the players are in the same tier.
I don’t know if this is changed, but skill tier doesn’t equal MMR, so its likely that the mmr is even better matched.


I didnt know OP tier, then MM was quite accurate.

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You are T4 iirc. New players get seeded into T4. That looks like a new player.

First game after the update around 22:00 in EU and I was paired with team mates all around the board, I am 2020 elo and had a team mate with 1021 elo in ranked + all the board team and the enemy team was also like that but their lowest was t6… was gg before we start. Our jungler was the 1000 elo one, I was captain. Sad and the only reason can be that not enough players play that game.

Also I noticed that the max tier in previous season is no more shown in loading screen! They hided the “hyped” feature in previous changelog. If we exclude the obvious reason for the hide, it also gives less info from what to expect from your team mates… where to focus as a captain, where to expect a crack and so on. Really bad, the game defo is going downhill. :frowning:

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The guy has a decent build, not feeding too much. If you’re both t4 then I don’t see how it’s match maker’s fault. He has to play somewhere. That’s like some people I know complain when they get matched against VG silver (and they’re bronze). I mean they still gotta play this game at some point. They can’t match you perfectly to the last point of elo.

This though, this is a bad match maker.

This is literally like 1 hour ago. On top of that this account was VG bronze last season before reset.
Which makes just about 2400 points difference with that Samuel.

yup, brand new player. He din’t go Captain which is what we needed.

yup, very bad. too many unskilled players. My hero pool is huge. he’s only got 1. what can i do? nothing. I can’t blame MM. I can’t blame him, because he’s new. and i can’t blame myself, because I’m supposedly “equal”, even thou i’m more experienced.

there’s nobody to blame here. Nobody. absolutely nobody. MM is just MM. i mean, real life love match making is just as hard right? can’t blame MM for trying. keep trying MM, i really hope you’ll find my perfect match at least once in my lifetime.

If you are so good and this guy is so bad:

  1. Why did they do better than you in the match?

  2. Why are you still tier 4?

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because every single match tilts me.

for comparison, check out my other MM stories. don’t judge by one. i’ve played VG players as well.

here’s another for you to pick apart. it’s easy to criticize. Do you really think I would be so blind as to NOT analyse each match from all angles? I know what goes wrong in every single match i play. including when i’m tilted AF and i know i’m playing like shit because i spent too much time pinging the little shit for being so useless.

Are you solo queue in that last image or partied?

solo q of course. what else is there. solo que for life.

edit: you should’ve already known that from the tier difference and MM doesn’t allow that.

The reason I asked is because the player ranges are so large that it shouldn’t happen in solo queue. You may want to send an error report to SEMC.