16 to 0 xd

Early game ftw


I mean I was once t7 and played with a party against vg gold and silvers but we still killed them , 0 kills is weird especially talking about 5v5 , like even your team they should at somepoint feel they playing against bots and troll and die for the laughs.

I mean if that vg gold silvers team try hard they could easily die less but they see themselves winning and taking risks .


This game varied from T6 players to Hotness, my current vst is T6s rn but im trying to get back tier 7 silver atleast. The enemy team lost the mid and bot(top for enemies) pretty hard and koshka basically had the whole map to herself.

My 5v5 account around that tier and I see kills every 20 to 30 seconds , I would say in lower tiers it supposed to be chaos , clean game is suspicious it could mean smurfs or enemy team fresh new players, in 3v3 it’s another story and could happen easily , getting clean game not that hard , hmmm there is actually broken heroes so I would say if the game got balanced heroes then clean game is easy .

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I had two tier 7 golds on my team xd(since my mmr is T7 silver), that game was pretty clean that it seemed like everyone was co-operative together while the enemy was pretty messy tbh.

Dc let’s team up I’m at T5 i need a good carry

I main support though?(30 characters)

Let me support I suck as carry

I havent played carry in ages in my rank lol

now heres a very messy ranked game

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That’s a balanced t6-t7 game , messy = balanced

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Honestly i was like cp lyra is what saved us early til end game, then vayra late game. Idris i dont wanna say anything, Glaive gave up i think since it was like about half an hour.

We need to find a time where we can play