14/2/7 With Inara

Well…after a long day of grinding enough glory to get Inara,here is the stupendous outcome :slight_smile:

14/2/7…either the enemy team gave us the win or Inara is broken…


Seeing they have Saw its probably the first option. Inara is amazing and very strong (more in 5v5 than 3v3 though), but its not broken, maybe a little bit op since the buff.

As an advice, full utility inara tends to be better than buying damage items.

Btw, congrats for the win, was It ranked?

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Yup,it was,i’m glad that i recuperated most of the rank points i lost with the other matches.


It’s shocking to me more people are not going SC, Aftershock Inara. It is really bursty, reaches full cooldown early on, is super cheap, and makes stealing camps almost impossible to mess up. Follow up with supplementary utility like Atlas, and Crucible, and It just continues to do well into the late game.

imo most underrated path/hero rn.

In high elo people tend to build her with SC, but in lower elo, you rely too much in your own plays, so damage benefits you more because it allows you to kill and carry the game.

Anyway, in 3v3 SC is not needed to farm.