10 Reasons to play ‘Eggs in One Basket’

From the creator of ‘10 Reasons to one trick WP Grace’ comes this much less catchy name for a thread.

Now first things first, you might be asking me ‘what I’m the world does eggs in one basket’ mean. Well let me explain.

The ‘Eggs in One Basket’ comp is where you run four supports who can give other allies effects such as heals, barriers, fortified health and damage reduction in Top, Mid, Bot and Captain and one 5 Damage WP carry in the Jungle. The whole comp is about getting this one person fed and then pumping all of your healing, shields and speed onto them to get one absolute unit. It requires communication and synergy between players, but it can have great success if you have all of the right elements (which applies to literally every character, item and comp in this game).

So, why should you do this?

  1. It’s fun.
  2. You can berate and blame your jungler for everything if you lose since they’re 80% of the damage.
  3. You get to build the new items (namely Capacitor Plate).
  4. It can help improve teamwork and synergy due to the high communication floor.
  5. Watching a Semi Invincible Rona crit the enemy backline for 1k Damage is really funny.
  6. This is probably the best way to get pentakills for your intense Hotness Gold montage.
  7. This is a great handicap when your team is t8-9 and the game only wants to put you up against t5-6 teams.
  8. If you get to lategame you can have up to 3 people with superscout, which means you have the best vision game possible.
  9. It’s surprisingly good against Kensei, since you have so many stuns.
  10. Did I mention it’s incredibly fun?

So, now that you’re completely sold on using this amazing team comp, let me give you some advice on how to play this effectively

Captains (Eggs)
Adagio: Strong. He’s going to be the only other ‘real’ DPS in your comp, although he is going to be building a Capacitor Plate for bigger heals.
Ardan: Strong. Has good engage and THICC barriers with his Vanguard. Plus, he still does good damage with just an aftershock, so you can still fight without your basket.
Cath: Decent. The silence is nice to create 3 seconds of no counterplay, and stuns are great, but she won’t be tanking too much.
Churn: Terrible. He tanks damage instead of your basket (who you want to be using your barriers on), and doesn’t offer much to a low aggression team.
Flicker: Situational. If your basket is confident in their ability to snowball, Flicker is your go to Captain. Just steal the enemy jungle the whole game and get them to fill build by 12 minutes.
Fortress: Decent. Engage is nice, but most other characters are also going to bring their own speed boosts, especially due to Capacitor Plate.
Grace: Core. Grace and her damage reduction are amazing for this comp, and if you go SG and Capacitor you can do some massive heals.
Lance: Weak. He tanks too much damage and his CC is less reliable than Caths if you’re diving.
Lorelai: Core. You have one job in teamfights, and it’s to bubble the basket as they go in. That’s it.
Lyra: Decent. Her heals are nice but there’s a high chance the fights will move too fast for her. She’s great for keeping your team afloat during your weak mid game though.
Phinn: Terrible. You’re diving. Don’t.

Recommended Comp
Top: Ardan (AS, CP, Cruc, SuperScout, Treads)
Mid: Adagio (AC, DE, CP, Heels)
Bot: Grace (SG, CP, Rook)
Captain: Lorelai (Fountain, CP, Cruc, Treads)

Carries (Basket)
A Tier - Kensei, Blackfeather, Taka
B Tier - Rona, Alpha, Grumpjaw, Idris
C Tier - Krul, Glaive, Joule
? Tier - Kinetic, Vox

Tips and Tricks

  • Get Crucibles. Blocks save lives, especially when they have no defence.
  • Don’t blow your load at once. Keep barriers and heals coming in at a steady pace or you’ll suddenly end up with a squishy basket.
  • Capacitor Plate gives movespeed. So go hard with it. Diving towers is fine if you’re constantly faster than them.
  • Don’t buy serpents on your basket. Seriously, don’t. Instead, get something like SSw, BP, TT TM TM with Journey Boots.
  • Try to avoid splitpushers, since other than Adagio (Ult), nobody on your team or any combination of teams will have waveclear in their eggs. So, the jungler has to deal with it. Huzzah.

This is very interesting. Not an incredible idea because it’s hard to properly do. I’ve thought about a dual support lineup but this takes it to another level.

i would say with that many speed boost items. you could go 6 offensive. just pick a high mobility hero

i would go with koshka. lol. snowball and keep pouncin

This in a ranked match is pure cancer and shouldnt be allowed to happen. Ive played with and against CC comps eg: a grace(jungle wp) lyra(cp top) cath(bot) ardan with a celeste. Ots not fun For the enemy team, they already lost half of good captain amd now has to deal with multiple CC. And with the new cap items…geez i dont wanna even imagine it.

Tl:dr this is a douche move. Dont do it.
But hey im not bashin. Im just sharing my thoughts on this.

@Gatorrex You did a version of this with SAW on your channel am I right?


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this was a thing back in 3v3 tho…

  1. The enemy will feel like they wanna die, and that’s always good right?

Enjoyment from MOBAs comes out of other people’s suffering.
So depending on your perspective, it’s fantastic.

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this is the only reason i like doing this :slight_smile:

i came here for 10 reasons not 9 :pouting_cat:

the tenth would of convinced me

just a heads up, this works really, really well in blitz. ardan and lance with their rare talents= frustration incarnate for your opponents. those barriers make you invinicible.
other supports work as well.