Vainglory Discussion   Game Moments and Cheers

How is this possible, i ask thee (11)
Churn got his chain stuck in a dead body in midlane and it extends like hell (6)
L3oN quits streaming (20)
I love this game (10)
Vainglory Blitz: Yates is insanely fun! (3)
Muahaha! You can't run from me! (18)
A little play Iā€™m proud off after one tricking lance :) (3)
Omg finally (12)
SEMC y u always do this to me (4)
Challenge accepted (4)
All hail the glorious matchmaker (14)
My Game moments with Captain Lyra (1)
Vainglory 5v5 Ranked: Top Catherine is fun! (1)
Wierdest draft ( Wp cath and Bot Lane Ardan) (7)
Vainglory Battle Royale: Tony hits like a truck(update 3.5) (6)
Oh hey i made it (6)
Vainglory Movie by chinese players (16)
Anka Blitz: attempt to pull of her combo single handed (6)
4 supports 1 kensei montage (20)
A bit of a Samuel outplay( I think) (2)
I made it! (2)
CP Cath top (guide/game) (9)
Anka is really Fun to use (16)
Finally after 3 years I reached my one and only goal in Vainglory (3)
When did u join Vainglory (read patch list if u dont know) ( 2 3 ) (51)
For Your Viewing Pleasure (3)
Ult on kill = win (5)
Follow up of my first celeste game after asking for advice (6)
Flicker's 4v5 (7)
Funny conversation (or worrying) with a vainglorious player ( 2 ) (27)