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Heroes, Builds, and Items Who is your favourite hero? How do you think you should build them? What is the meta? Out-of-Game Experience Challenge of the Day 3v3 Lets discuss the Halcyon Fold The Salt Mine Feeling salty? You can be salty in here, but please keep the forum rules in mind. 5v5 Lets discuss Sovereign’s Rise UI & overall environment Got a great idea about how the game should be set up, this is the place to share it. Game Moments and Cheers A place to honour your allies and celebrate your successes SEMC Art & Artists This category is for sharing of and discussion about works by SEMC’s art team. (Fan-made art should be posted in the Fan Art category rather than here. ) Brawl modes All about the rotating seasonal brawl modes Skins, Crafting and in Game Reward Systems Tips, tricks and commentary on the Skin system in Vainglory.
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